A Google Account gives you access to many Google products. With a Google Account, you can do things like:

  • Send and receive email using Gmail.
  • Find your new favorite video on YouTube.
  • Download apps from Google Play.


When you create a Google Account, we ask for some personal info. By providing accurate info, you can help keep your account secure and make our services more useful.

Check if you already have a Google Account

If you’ve signed in to any Google product before (like Gmail, Maps, or YouTube), you already have a Google Account. You can use the same username and password you created for that product to sign in to any other Google products.

If you can’t remember ever signing in and would like to check if you have an account, enter your email address. You’ll see a message if there isn’t a Google Account associated with your email address.

If you forgot your username or passwordfollow the steps to recover your account.

Check where email notifications are sent

If you signed up for Gmail with your Google Account, we’ll send all account-related notification emails to your Gmail address.

To change where you get notifications, edit your contact email.

Step 2: Protect your account with recovery info

If you forget your password or someone is using your account without your permission, updated recovery info makes it much more likely you’ll get your account back.

Learn more about how to avoid getting locked out of your account.

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