How to Clean Your Room (Teens)

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Most teens don’t like cleaning their rooms. Making the bed, putting clothes away, and cleaning the floors and other surfaces isn’t exactly fun. However, taking the time to straighten things up will make your room feel fresh and comfortable, promoting better sleep.[1] Turn on some energetic music, make a game plan and get down to work – you’ll be done before you know it!

Part1Preparing to Clean

  1. 1Change into comfortable clothing. Comfort is key while cleaning your room! Make sure you’re wearing comfortable clothes while cleaning your room to make you feel relaxed and peaceful.
  2. 2Put on some music on that makes you energetic (optional). This can motivate you to get up and clean your room.
    • If your music puts you in a good mood, keep it going by challenging yourself to clean your room as fast as possible. Hopefully, you’ll get in the zone and finish before you know it.
  3. 3Open the blinds or curtains and windows for some fresh air and light! This will make the smell in the bedroom go away and the light will reflect on the room to make it look more welcoming.
    • Opening the window will let fresh air get into your room and clear out any bad smells.

Part2Cleaning the Bed Area

  1. 1Strip your bed and fold the bedclothes into a pile. This will give you room on your bed and make the bed look cleaner. Wash the sheets if needed.
    • Fold up your duvet nicely and place it near the headboard with your pillows.
    • Washing your sheets, pillowcases, covers, and comforters every week will keep your room smelling good. Also, it’s good for skin because bacteria, dirt, dust mites, and other organisms can build up on your covers, which can lead to more pimples and breakouts.
  2. 2Get everything from under your bed and put it in its place. So the book on the bookshelf, paper on the work desk.

Part3Removing Things

  1. 1Restore belongings. If other people’s belongings are in your room, then take them to the room they belong in. Their things can get in your way. You don’t want anything that might be your siblings’ so just take it into their room and place it on their bed and walk out, it’s not a big deal.
  2. 2Get all of your dirty clothes in the laundry basket. Make sure you have got all of them in there.
  3. 3Gather all the trash and throw it into the bin, be sure to recycle. If you find any rubbish like a bottle or paper then put it into your bin, and make sure you get all of it!
    • Go around with a bin bag or a trash bag. Pick up all the rubbish that is lying around in sight, such as crumbled pieces of paper, rotten apple cores, and other pieces of trash that you didn’t bother picking up.
    • After the noticeable pieces of trash on the floor have been cleared, rummage around in the overstuffed closet and underneath your bed for discarded items, such as the half-eaten sandwich from two years ago!
  4. 4Clear everything else left on the floor and place it in the center of the room.Remember to fetch things from the tops of cabinets, inside wardrobes, etc. Make sure you go around your room picking everything up, check under your dressers, wardrobe, bed (again) and anything else.
    • Although some people may like to place their items on their bed, it isn’t recommended you do so because of the dirt and dust that might linger on those items. Your bed is where your face goes, and you definitely do not want to be clogging up your pores with dirt.
  5. 5Sort. Before you place all your belongings back into their spots, it’s a good idea that you sort through them and throw out any that you don’t need or want anymore. Separate them into piles – one for trash, one for donation, and one for keeps. Stuff the trash pile into the dumpster, carefully place the unwanted items into a trash bag for donation, and organize your remaining belongings so that they will be easier to find. Do not just stuff them in the closet again!
    • When donating items, make sure that they still are usable. Do not donate ripped, old belongings that are in poor condition.
  6. 6Remove any dirty dishes. The dirty dishes can sometimes leave a really stale smell in your bedroom and will attract ants and bugs to your room. Now, who would want that? Not you, now take them out.


  1. 1Bring in the vacuum cleaner. Vacuum up the dust bunnies and dirt. Start with the floor, then work your way up to the skirting boards, cabinet tops, desk surfaces, etc. Don’t forget to clean the inside of your wardrobe as well because this is where a lot of the dust might hide. However, be careful about vacuuming up your homework or any other important items!
    • Sweep if the floorboards are laminated, vacuum if it’s carpet or hard floor.
  2. 2Get to work polishing and spritzing! Use cream cleaner on a cloth to get grubby fingerprints off white light switches and doors. Use glass cleaner on your mirrors and windows.

Part5Organizing the Room

  1. 1Organize your work desk! Put the pencils and pens in a holder and the paper in a pile.
  2. 2Organize your window shelf. You might want to put a plant on there or a teddy, or just do what you want to do.
  3. 3Organize your wardrobe or drawers. Sort your clothes and group them together (all the pants together, all the short sleeved shirts together, etc.). You could also sort them by season or color.
    • Go through your clothes and donate anything that doesn’t fit.
  4. 4Clear and organize anything else that needs attention. Like a bookshelf, a desk, even the walls.

Part6Finishing Up

  1. 1Add the little touches to make your room homey. For example, arrange a few ornaments, photos, etc. on top of your cabinets and shelves. Add a box of tissues and a vase of flowers as well to make your room seem fresher. However, limit your amount of decorations to very few because you don’t want your shelves to appear cluttered! Less is more.
  2. 2Make your bed. Be meticulous, and maybe add decorative pillows or stuffed animals on the bed. It’s your room’s main fixture, so it probably should be the nicest.
  3. 3Spray air freshener. Make sure you don’t spray too much.
  4. 4Take the trash out!
  5. 5Relax in your clean room. Try not to mess it up again – the hardest part of all is keeping it clean and tidy.
    • One good way to keep on top of your room cleaning is by having a fifteen-minute cleanup before bedtime each night or in the morning when you wake up. Then, during the weekend, vacuum, dust, and polish your room. This way, you’ll keep it clean, and you’ll no longer be embarrassed when your friends come over!



  • Don’t stall, you’ll regret it.
  • Your parents will be proud of you for cleaning your room without them having to tell you to. You may just get a reward for your efforts, and they will see you as a more responsible person.
  • Maybe rearrange your room, too- it will make life interesting!
  • You can start with the least fun areas to clean, and work toward the more fun areas.
  • Buy drawers for clothes — they’re so much simpler.
  • You can go clockwise around your room and make a list of what needs to be done.
  • Set a time limit for you to clean your room. This will get you motivated to clean your room faster.
  • Although it may never be your favorite task to do, make the best of it — at least it’s better than homework.
  • Don’t just hide everything under your bed or chair, put it in the correct place, if it doesn’t have a place, find a place or give it away to younger family members or to charity.
  • Go to the dollar store or a thrift store and buy some storage containers to organize your things.

Things You’ll Need

  • Vacuum cleaner/broom
  • Cleaning sprays
  • A bin bag (or more)
  • Microfiber cloths (for dusting)

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