How to Change Your Windows Password

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There’s more to password woes than mere forgetfulness. Changing them on a regular basis is just good practice, as you don’t want hackers using passwords you created in the 1990s. This guide shows you how to change your Windows password.

These instructions use three methods: in the Windows 10 Settings app, through Microsoft’s website, and on the login screen.

Change Your Microsoft Account Password from the Settings App

Sign in to your Microsoft account using the current password. Click the Start button and select the “gear” icon shown along the Start menu’s left edge. This opens the Settings app.

Open Settings App on Start Menu

Alternatively, click the gear icon on the taskbar if you previously pinned the Settings app.

With the Settings app opens, select the “Accounts” tile.

Select Accounts in Windows 10 Settings

The app opens to “Your Info” by default. Click on “Sign-In Options” on the left followed by the “Password” entry listed under “Sign-In Options” on the right. The Password entry expands to include a “Change” button that you click to continue.

Select Passwords in Windows 10 Settings

Follow the steps to verify your identity, such as looking at a face recognition camera, swiping a finger, or entering a PIN or password. Once you’re verified, enter the current password followed by a new password.

Click the “Next” button to finish.

Change Password Dialog Box Windows 10

Change Your Microsoft Account Password Online

The Sign-in Options windows (Settings > Accounts > Sign-In Options) in the Settings app provides a “Change Your Microsoft Account Password” link. It essentially sends you to Bing, which provides instructions on how to change your password online.

Change Password Link Windows 10

First, sign in to your Microsoft account on the company’s website using the current password. Once the site loads, click the “Security” option listed along the top. You’ll see a “Change Password” option on the following page and a “Change” link.

Change Password Microsoft Account Online

Click that link to enter your current password followed by the new password (twice). To finish, click the “Save” button.

Change Your Password Confirm Windows Account

Change Your Password for a Local Account

This method begins only after you failed to sign in using a forgotten password. Once you hit the Enter key and submit the wrong password, a “Reset Password” link appears under the password entry field. Click the link.

Offline Account Reset Password

Next, answer your three security questions on the following screen.

Offline Account Security Questions

After answering your questions, click the arrow button to create and then confirm your new password.

Offline Account Create Confirm Password

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