How to Applying for a Motor Vehicle personal Number plate in Kenya

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Directorate of Registration and Licensing · Directorate of Road safety · Directorate of Motor Vehicle Inspection · Directorate of … Issuance on Number plate.


1.Receiving officer receives application documents from the applicant at the registration counter and checks them against a check list to confirm that all are presented.

2.The receiving officer attaches a check list to the lodged documents and records critical information of the documents to a register.

3.Certificate of clearance (COC) is retrieved and attached to the application documents.

4.The documents are examined to ensure that details of the vehicle are in order and the lodged papers are genuine. If the examining officer is satisfied that the documents are in order he/she recommends for approval, otherwise they are rejected

5.The recommended documents are passed on to the approving officer who examines the documents further and if satisfied that they are in order, approves for registration by signing and stamping.

6.The basic data of the vehicle is captured in the cash receipting system (CRS) to enable for registration fees collection. The amount payable is communicated to the applicant.

7.The documents are forwarded to the cash counter for payment of registration fees. Amount payable is obtainable in the cash receipting system once the engine capacity is keyed in.

8.Number plate, if approved by the Registrar of Motor Vehicles, is allocated and a sticker indicating the number is affixed on the application form A

9.Scanning of form A and certificate of clearance is done

10.The applicant is issued with the number plates as soon as they are ready, and road license for the vehicle after vehicle details are recorded. He /she sign a number plates issuing registerAds by Google

Required Documents

  • Duty and VAT receipts
  • Import entry form (Form 63)
  • Foreign log book translated into English
  • Port Release Order
  • Bill of Lading or Airway Bill
  • Clean Report of Findings (CRF)
  • Import Declaration Form (IDF)
  • Authority to enter goods for home use from the Commissioner of Customs & Excise
  • Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR) if the vehicle is for commercial use.
  • A temporary Importation Document (Form C44A or C44)
  • Road manifest or Carnet de Passages in the case of vehicles imported by road
  • Foreign Vehicle Receipt/License
  • Personal Identification Certificate Number (PIN) card
  • Certified copy of national identity card of vehicle owner or valid Passport.
  • Insurance cover
  • A dully filled Form “A” personally signed by the Importer.

Office Locations & Contacts

Ministry of transport and Infrastructure

Transcom House, NGONG ROAD

P.O Box 52692 00200,


Telephone: 2729200

Fax: 2730330Ads by Google


For one to be eligible, you must have a private vehicle.


  • It costs KSH. 1,000,000/= (one million) to register a personalized car number plate.
  • For replacement of lost or defaced personal plate is Ksh. 50,000/=
  • The annual charge is Ksh. 50,000/=


The applicant has to pay annually.

Processing Time

It may take 3-5 days working days since an order has to be placed.


  • It should contain a maximum of seven characters, and a minimum of four characters.
  • The characters must be in capital letters
  • It must be embossed in blue, with a reflective white background for both front and back plates.
  • Any signs, symbols or names which may be deemed abusive or offensive are prohibited

Required Information

1.The message to be displayed on the number plate

2.Proof that the applicant is the registered owner of the vehicleAds by Google

Need for the Document

A personal number plate is a number plate that is customized to the owners request. It can be a nickname or a personalized message.

Information which might help

If a person intends to transfer the personalized identification plates to another motor vehicle upon disposal of the vehicle which initially had the personalized identification plate, a retention certificate may be issued by the Authority for a period not exceeding six months.

Classes of motor vehicles that may not be issued with personalized identification plates include:

a)Public Service Vehicles

b)Cargo trucks (either private or for hire)

c)Service vehicles, i.e ambulance and funeral hearse

d)Diplomatic vehicles


f)Heavy machinery

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