How to apply for Short term Paybill number and The requirements

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short term paybill application

Safaricom has revolutionized almost every Kenyan sector and we have all benefited from their services at least once. In fact, we are now a first world country competing the likes of the US. With the short term pay bill number, you can easily collect funds for an activity that you may need. Be it school fee, hospital bills, wedding contribution, name it. You can quickly apply for a short term pay bill and get started. In this post, I will show you the steps of applying for a temporary pay bill number as well as the requirements for this product.

Short term paybill application process

  • Visit the online lipa na M-PESA self-service portal
  • Select the type of temporary paybill number which you wish to apply for.
  • Under the requirements/conditions section, click on the appropriate function for the desired M-PESA pay bill number that you wish to apply for.
  • Take care of the documents needed and then click on the application button at the bottom of the page.
  • Fill all the necessary fields marked with the asterisk mark. Remember to present your correct information to speed up the application process.
  • Provide your valid bank details but first check with your preferred bank to confirm whether or not they are on the Real-Time cash Settlement to avoid additional fees.
  • Click on the “Register now” button and then proceed to set up and verify a One Time PIN (an OTP).
  • Finally, upload the scanned prints of the required documentation.
  • You can now submit your short term pay bill application and wait for a period of about 24 hrs for your request to be reviewed.

Requirements(Medical paybill)

Note that All the documents we listed below should be in scanned copy or simply soft copy format in order for them to be accepted. 

1) Duly filled and signed Short term pay bill application form declaring purpose and the duration.

2) Signed Safaricom terms and conditions

3) Certified national ID and PIN certificate of the paybill applicant.

4) Approved supporting documents from the given Hospital / Doctor treating the patient which should establish the need for the collection, for instance, the reference to an operation/required medication (on the institution’s letterhead, stamped and duly signed by authorized staff).

5) If applying on behalf of the finance beneficiary;

  • a. If a minor applicant: the parents or guardian of the child should apply for this and the child’s birth certificate needs to be attached to the rest of the documents as already listed above. 
  • b. If the person listed is incapacitated: certified photocopies of IDs & PIN Certificates for both the parties will be required.


1) Properly filled and signed Short term pay bill Application form that states the purpose and duration of the short term paybill number.

2) Duly Signed Terms and Conditions.

3) Certified Kenyan ID and PIN Certificate of the applicant.

4) Approved supporting documents from the Education Institution stating the necessity for an education fund (on the institution’s letterhead, duly stamped and signed by approved personnel).

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