How to Apply for Registration of a Marriage in Rwanda

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Marriage Registration allows citizens and foreigners residing in Rwanda to register for legal marriage. Before engaged couples can marry they have to register 


To successfully register a marriage in Rwanda, one must follow the procedure below:-

  1. Secure an appointment in order to give notice of marriage;
  2. Go to the registrars office on the date of appointment to give your Notices of Marriage. A Notice of Marriage is the legal preliminaries to a civil marriage whereby each party to the proposed marriage and must attend in person before a Registrar and declare that they are legally free to marry and produce certain documents.
  3. After giving a Notice of Marriage, fill the necessary application forms;
  4. Payments for the registration services must be made;
  5. Present all the necessary documents required; for example
    1. Proof of payment must be presented;
    2. The parties are required to present their passports as proof of your nationality. In this case, either one or both of you must be Rwandan national or other nationals;
    3. Parties must also provide proof of residency e.g. recent utility bill or bank statement;
    4. They must present Authenticated deed for the proof of settlement of the dowry to the family of the fiance;
    5. They (both) must also provide attestation de celibat. If either party has been married before:
    6. One needs to present original final divorce / dissolution papers bearing the court’s original stamp.
  6. A wedding date is set after all the necessary documents are presented;
  7. On the day of the wedding, at least two (2) other people must be present. These are prepared to witness the ceremony and sign to that effect (if an interpreter is required they must act as a witness).


  • If divorce / dissolution papers are not in Kinyarwanda or English one must provide a translation in addition to the original documents.
  • When one is giving notice and following his / her divorce, he / she has to reverted back to his / her maiden / previous name (which is different to that on the decree absolute);
  • Copies of divorce / dissolution papers are obtained from where the decree absolute was granted.
    • Also the previous marriage certificate will be required to confirm the original name. If one thinks that this may apply to him / her, he / she may confirm by asking the consular office when he / she secures an appointment.

If your husband or wife died:

  • One must present a certificate of their death.


  • If ones name does not appear anywhere on that death certificate, then a previous marriage certificate to confirm your relationship to the deceased will be required.
    • Other documents may also be required depending on your circumstances. For example, any change of name documents such as deed poll or change of name deed.

Apply Online

You can to register a marriage on line in Rwanda.Ads by Google

Required Documents

  • Passport
  • Proof of residency
  • Authenticated deed for the proof of settlement of the dowry to the family of the fiance
  • Attestation de Celibat
  • Passport Photos

Office Locations & Contacts

Kimihurura, Avenue du lac Muhazi P.O. Box 3987 , Kigali
Tel: +250 252 595 500/toll free number: 3004
Nyarugenge District
Avenue de la paid,

Tel: +250-252-570-799 Fax: +250-252-570-799
Website: www.nyrugengedistrict.gv.rwAds by Google


  • To be eligible both of you must be 18yrs and above.
  • You will need to produce proof of identity such as national identity card, passport or birth certificate


By cash RWF 500 for the marriage certificate.


  • Before applying for marriage registration, one must prove he she is eighteen (18) and above;
  • Make an appointment to give notice of marriage at the consular office;
  • Both parties to be united must attend in person at consular office to give your Notices of Marriage;
  • Fill correctly the necessary application form;
  • Make all the necessary payments;
  • Prepare and present all documents required.

Required Information

The following information is required in order to register a marriage in Rwanda.

  • Full Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Citizenship
  • Affiliation
  • Contact Address
  • Parents names and addresses of both parties
  • Witness names and addresses

Need for the Document

Marriage is defined as the state of being united to a person of the opposite sex as husband or wife in a consensual and contractual relationship recognized by law. It can also be explained as the state of being united to a person of the same sex in a relationship like that of a traditional marriage or an intimate or close union.

Registration of marriages in Rwanda is done in the registrar for marriages office which is a legally recognized by the Government of Rwanda to do so; the registrar welcomes nationals and other nationalities who wish to celebrate their civil marriage in accordance with Rwandan marriage Law.

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