How to Apply for Original Land Title in Rwanda

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To apply for an original land title in Rwanda, an applicant must follow the following steps.

  1. Before applying to the District Land Office an applicant should prepare and organize all necessary transaction documents. The documents differ basing on the nature of transaction, the documents may include:- Application template for transaction, Transaction agreement, lease contract of the parcel,
  2. After all documents are ready, the applicant then applies for transaction (land registration) to the Deputy Registrar through the District Land Office (DLO) and/or authorized staff in the district where that land is located.
    1. In this case, an authorized officer from one of the mentioned offices must verify authenticity and completeness of the documents complied for the transaction and file them.
  3. After checking and verifying, the officer proceeds with checking documents for condition for booking (CoB).
    1. This involves crosschecking formats of documents.
    2. If he /she is satisfied with the condition for booking then the documents are scanned and stored and get the status booked in the Land Administration Information System;
    3. In cases where documents are not approved at the condition for booking process, they are returned for rectification.
  4. After being booked, document are checked for Conditions for Acceptance (CfA) by the District Land Office (DLO and/or authorized staff); if the documents meet the requirements, they are accepted and get the status accepted and if they do not meet requirements, documents are refused and returned to the Applicant via the District Land Office and in this case a reason for refusal must be given.
  5. After being accepted, the Land Administration Information System (LAIS) now proceeds with the Processing documents for the transaction.
    1. At this stage, the information on the transaction is captured and the changes are made by The Land Administration Information System professional in the system, the status processed is then given to the document.
    2. Documents if it is found at that stage that the information cannot be treated correctly, then a request for rectification is sent to the Applicant
  6. The Deputy Registrar then check to verify that changes in the Land Administration Information System have been done according to the documents presented for transaction; if yes, the status approved is given to the transaction; and if not, the changes in the Land *Administration Information System are reversed and returned to the accepted status for the professional to re-do the changes in the right way this time.
  7. After approval of the information needed to prepare the Certificate has been approved by the Deputy Registrar, the system will automatically assert signature on certificate and shall be printed. It will be given the status printed.
  8. After printing, the Certificate has to is then sealed and seal confirmed by the Deputy Registrar. Physically printing and issuing the Certificate. One of the following certificates is the one generated:-
    1. Lease Contract
    2. Certificate of Registration of Lease
    3. Certificate of Registration of Conditional Freehold Title
    4. Certificate of Registration of Freehold Title
    5. Certificate of Registration of Full Title of a Condominium
    6. Certificate of Registration of Full Title of a Condominium Unit

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Required Documents

  • Prove of identity (ID or valid passport, marriage certificate, Power of Attorney)
  • Proof of ownership of land (like agreements, Will e.t.c.)

Office Locations & Contacts

P O Box 433 Kigali

Nyarugenge District Office
Avenue de la Paix , kigali
Tel: +250 252 570 799
Fax: , +250 252 570 799

Recourse: Office of the Registrar of land titles
Rwanda Natural Resources Authority
Remera, near Chez Lando P.O.Box 6618 , Kigali
Tel: +250 252 560 506
Fax: , +250 252 585 769


Any one owns land can apply for an original land title.


As long as ownership is not transferred

Sample Documents

Sample Documents can be viewed at

Processing Time

  • Lease Contract and Extract of the Cadastral Plan 15 days (maximum) from the date of receipt of the application
  • Land Title 30 days (maximum) from the date of receipt of the application.


  • Registration of rights on land in Rwanda is mandatory.
  • Owner should appear in person for the title;
  • Minor should be represented by an authorized adult.

Required Information

  • Full name of applicant
  • Sex, Age and marital status
  • Nationality
  • Details of land in question (Location, Plot Number, Block Number)
  • Original owner of land

Need for the Document

Land in Rwanda belongs to either public entities, the State, Cities or Districts. Land can be allocated to natural or legal persons by owners then becomes individual land. It can be leased through a lease contract and against payment of an annual lease fee. Land ownership can also be obtained through sale, donation or inheritance.

In Rwanda, land is falls under the Ministry of Natural Resources, with the Land Commission responsible for overseeing the implementation of the land law in the country. In each sector and cell in Rwanda, there is a committee which is the first element to contact in the process of land registration and land use planning. Office of the Registrar of Land Titles headed by the registrar supported by deputy zone registrars has the power to sign certificates of Land. Titles and long term leases, certifying that land has been allocated on freehold terms and certifying that land is leased under a long term contract.

In Rwanda title registration system included registration of the right to ownership of land, together other rightful claimant and charges. It involves recording land Objects on which Subjects have Rights. Subjects who are holding property rights get a land title which is used as proof of having Rights on an Object.

Information which might help

  1. It is important to note that not all transactions lead to the generation of the Certificate, its only for transactions like sale, donation, inheritance, exchange, division of a parcel, merge of parcels. Other transactions will only lead to a change in the LAIS database for example servitude, caveat and seizure.
  2. The original of the Certificates are stored at the Office of the (Deputy) Land Registrar. A duplicate of the Certificate is printed and physically sealed by the Deputy Registrar and physically forwarded to District Land Office (DLO) and/or authorized staff for issuing to the Applicant.
  3. After sealing a Certificate it is the official document for the object of transaction.
  4. A Certificate of Registration composes of the following
    1. The Parcel Section which describes property
    2. The Proprietorship Section which gives full details of the owner of property
    3. The Charges Section which gives annotations of real charges on the property and
    4. The Restrictions Section which shows restrictions on the property

Other uses of the Document/Certificate

  1. The title proves ownership and security of tenure
  2. It reduces land disputes
  3. It is used as security for credit (mortgages)
  4. Registration helps the tax body tax the right persons.
  5. Land Information is up dated which can be used, in poverty reduction and sustainable developments.

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