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How to Apply for National Social Security Fund in Rwanda

Rwanda – Apply for National Social Security Fund. Procedure[edit] To applicationobtain application form from any Rwanda Social Security Board (RSSB) District Branches country wide. Required Documents[edit] General Requirements


  1. To application, obtain application form from any Rwanda Social Security Board (RSSB) District Branches country wide. The form can also be downloaded from the boards website;
  2. Prepare all the required documents and attach them to the application form;
  3. There after submit application to the Board.

Apply Online[edit]

  1. To apply only go to the Rwanda Security Board page and select the prompt online application. This will lead *you to a login page ( where you are required to CSRID and password to access your account with the
    1. Rwanda Social Security Board.
    2. Note: A Rwanda Social Security Board account is a requirement to apply on line.
  2. If you do not have an account, at the login page select the prompt Employee Registration. This will lead you to a registration form in which you should fill all required information correctly.
  3. After filling all fields submit form, an account shall be created for you and then proceed with the online application process.
  4. The system will take you through the application process by clicking next after completion of each step.
  5. After are steps are completed application can now be submitted.

Required Documents

  1. General Requirements
  2. Birth certificate
  3. Life certificate
  4. Those applying for Retirement Pension/ Lump Sum Settlement are also requested to provide a Service testimonial from last employer
  5. Those applying for Early Retirement Pension are requested to provide the following in addition:
  6. Certificate of your working Capacity issued by your employer
  7. Medical certificate of professional inaptitude issued by a legal medical commission
  8. Those applying for Invalidity pension are also requested to provide:
  9. Medical certificate of professional inaptitude issued by a doctor approved by the government
  10. Those applying for Survivors pensioner lump sum benefits are also requested to provide:
  11. Death certificate issued by an Officer of the Registry Office or by an approved doctor who confirmed the death
  12. Marriage certificate
  13. Birth certificates for the deceaseds surviving children
  14. Certificate of guardianship issued by competent Tribunal in case of the absence or death of both the parents of the surviving children
  15. Certificate of legal recognition of natural children
  16. Certificate of school attendance issued by the Heads of schools for the children who are still at school from age of 18 to 25 years
  17. Certificate of invalidity issued by medical authority for children who are invalid
  18. Certificate of bachelorhood or spinsterhood for the insured person who died single

Office Locations & Contacts

Rwanda Social Security Board
B.P 250/6655 Kigali-Rwanda
Plot 1003 Ubumwe Cell, African Union Boulevard, Kiyovu,Nyarugenge
Tel: +598400
Fax: +250584445


There are two eligible groups for the fund and these are

  • Mandatory: These are compulsorily required to register under the Rwandan social security fund scheme. These are:
    • All salaried workers regardless of their nationalities; and
    • Active political representatives
  • Voluntary: This is when a person not subjected to social security by the law decides to join the scheme as an individual. One applies to join the scheme These who can apply must be:
  • Independent workers who have never been subjected to the other mandatory insurance; and
  • Must be less than 45 years of age.

Sample Documents

Sample application form and other forms can be viewed at

Processing Time

Processing take 14 days to 30 days


  1. The employer has an obligation to save 3% of the employees salary with the Board on behalf of each employer;
  2. The employee must also contribute / save 3% of his / her salary with the board;
  3. Voluntary applicants must ensure that they meet the salary requirements, must not be below minimum salary and not be 40 times more;
  4. Before applying as a voluntary member, be ready to contribute 6% of salary;
  5. Pension benefits are payable from age 60.
  6. To apply for invalidity benefits, an applicant must have been registered with Rwanda Social Security Board (RSSB) for at least five (5) years;
  7. Applicants of invalidity benefits must ensure that they have completed at least six months of insurance with Rwanda Social Security Board (RSSB) during the last 12 months preceding the beginning of the invalidity.
  8. A widow applying for Survivors pension must have been legally married for at least for six months before the death of beneficiary.
  9. Children to benefit from the social security fund scheme can be legitimate children or legally reorganized. They must be unmarried, not working for a salary and under the age of eighteen (18) years or less than 25 years old if still in full time education.
  10. The deceaseds own or adopted parents can apply for survivors benefit if he or she left no wife or husband or children.

Required Information

  1. Name of applicant
  2. Date and place of birth;
  3. Social Security Number;
  4. Particulars of your spouse (name, Social Security Number and age);
  5. Particulars of children below eighteen (18) and not married;
  6. Bank details;
  7. Nationality;
  8. Details of when you want your benefits to begin;
  9. The name and address of your employer(s);
  10. Salary details
  11. Bank Account Number

Need for the Document

The Rwanda Social Security Fund has a number of schemes includes pension, occupational risks and health insurance of workers in Rwanda. It was set to help workers who become old or injured and as a result are not able to work for a salary or are no more able to live by working; and also help survivors of deceased workers. The types of benefits in the Social Security Fund are:

  1. Old Age pension (Retirement)
  2. The anticipated pension (Early Retirement)
  3. Invalidity pension
  4. Old age lump-sum
  5. The survivors pension
  6. The survivors Lump Sum benefits

In this case benefits of the social security fund are given in two categories:

  • Those given to the insured person himself when old or invalid / injured and
  • Those given to his eligible survivors.

The Rwanda Social Security Board (RSSB) is the authorized board to manage the social security fund / scheme in Rwanda.

Information which might help

  1. If someone is registered mandatory he / she can apply for voluntary benefit within the first twelve (12) months of the date on mandatory benefit ended and must have been registered with the social security schemes for at least six (6) consecutive months.
  2. Minimum monthly salary for voluntary members must be at least 104,000 RWF
  3. Retirement after fifteen (15) years of service, an applicant is entitled to a pension benefit of 30% of his / her higher average salary in the last 3 or 5 years.
  4. Retirement after above fifteen (15) years of service, an applicant is entitled to an additional benefit of 2% for each additional year. For example:
  5. The physically or mentally injured before the retirement age can apply for early retirement benefit.
  6. A survivors pension is payable when a person dies in retirement (normal, early or invalidity) and applicant fulfils the required conditions for receiving a pension.

Other uses of the Document/Certificate

  1. There is hope for life after retirement or after injuries as a result of work;
  2. Beneficiaries receive general and specialist care, hospitalization, maternity care, essential medical supplies, and rehabilitation.

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