How to Apply for Motor Vehicle Registration in Kenya

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Motor Vehicle Registration is performed by the Kenya Revenue Authority … Following are the requirements for registration of vehicles in Kenya;.


  1. The receiving officer receives the application documents at the registration counter and checks them against a checklist to confirm that all are presented. If not the applicant is advised accordingly.
  2. The receiving officer records critical information of the document to a register.
  3. Certificate of clearance is retrieved and attached to the application document.
  4. The documents are examined by an examining officer to ensure they are genuine and the vehicle details are in order.
  5. If satisfied the examining officer recommend approval otherwise the application is rejected.
  6. Documents are passed to approving officer who examines and if satisfied approves for registration by signing and stamping.

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Required Documents

  1. Duty and VAT paid receipts.
  2. Import Entry form.
  3. Foreign Registration Book (with its certi?ed English translation if the same is not in English).
  4. Mombasa Port Release or Airways Bill, Bill of Lading.
  5. Import Declaration Form (IDF).
  6. Duplicate valid insurance certi?cate.
  7. Owners National Identity card or Business Registration Certi?cate where a 00
  8. Kenya Revenue Authority PIN card.
  9. Completed application Form (Form A).

Office Locations & Contacts

Kenya Revenue Authority
Times tower, Haile selassie Avenue
Telephone: +254-020-310900,2810000,315553
Postal Address: 48240-00100
Website: http://www.kra.go.keAds by Google


Licensed Motor vehicle dealer. Individual motor vehicle owner


Kenya shilling 500 to1000 depending on tare weight.


One year.

Processing Time

About 3 to 7 days.


First make sure all the documents are assembled before beginning the procedure. Lack of any documents will lead to rejection of application.
The vehicle should also have been cleared at the Mombasa port by an accredited Clearance agency.

Required Information

  1. Type of vehicle motor vehicle/ trailer/ motor cycle
  2. Make of the vehicle
  3. Body type.
  4. Other vehicle description
  5. Year of manufacture.
  6. Tare weight in kilogramme
  7. Manufactures chasis or frame number
  8. Number of axles
  9. Value
  10. Principal body colour
  11. Is it a new vehicle No Yes
  12. Has the vehicle previously been registered No Yes
  13. Use of the vehicle
  14. Expected normal location of vehicle
  15. Method of propulsion(Petrol, Diesel, Other oil ,Steam)
  1. Name
  2. Occupation
  3. Name of Institution /Company employed
  4. Telephone Number
  5. Postal Address

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Need for the Document

Registration and licensing of motor vehicles and drivers in Kenya are handled by the Registrar of Motor vehicles. This is done in the Road Transport Department which is managed by the Kenya Revenue Authority. Vehicle registration involves adding a vehicles details to the motor vehicle register.

The registration process is handled by the motor vehicle dealer before handing over the vehicle to the customer. A motor car should not be used without number plates and appropriate licenses.

The Registration Book is issued to the car owner later by the Registrar. However, if the motor vehicle is bought on credit, the Registration Book will show joint owners and it will be released to the financier who will retain it until the loan is repaid. The transfer will then be effected to remove joint ownership. The dealer will obtain from the vehicle buyer the necessary information and documents for the motor vehicle registration.

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