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How to Apply for Mortgage Loan for Civil Servants in Kenya

ivil servants will be allowed to pay their mortgage loans up to five years … billion through the Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) and Housing Finance … review… to allow those applying for construction loan to utilise the land as


Apply in Person

Interested civil servants should express their interest by registering with the Civil Servants Housing Scheme Fund (CSHSF).

  1. The applicant should apply by filling an application form for the loan through the Administrator of the Civil Servants Housing Scheme Fund (CSHSF).
    A. An application for a loan for construction purposes shall be accompanied by the following documents where applicable—
    (a) copies of the designs of the proposed residential property duly approved by the relevant authority within whose area it is to be situated;
    (b) priced bills of quantities in respect of the proposed development;
    (c) Proof of ownership of the land on which the construction is to be carried out.
    B. An application for a loan to purchase a house shall be submitted together with the following documents—
    (a) a certified copy of the sale agreement relating to the purchase;
    (b) proof of ownership of the property by the seller;
    (c) proof of the availability of funds specified under paragraph 3C;
    (d) any other document that the Committee may require for the purpose of determining the application.
  2. Duly completed forms should be returned to Ministry of Land, Housing and Urban Development,
  3. The administrator will then verify that the applicant is eligible.
  4. The list of eligible applicants is then forwarded to the mortgage finance institutions.
  5. The applicant then formally applies for the loan with the mortgage finance institutions.
  6. The application is subjected to the appraisal criteria among other normal lending requirements by the mortgage finance institutions.
  7. On approval of the application, the applicant will be informed accordingly as the funds are disbursed to him or required to deposit five percent of the value of the property before the funds are disbursed to him.
  8. Rejected applications will be returned to the Administrator of the Scheme with reasons of rejection.

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Required Documents

  1. Certified copies of the last three original payslips
  2. Original copies of identification documents
  3. Staff identity card
  4. Original Letter from employer confirming employment status
  5. Beneficiary’s identity card
  6. Next of Kin National Identity Card
  7. One passport size photograph

Office Locations & Contacts

Ministry of Transport, Infrastructure, Housing and Urban Development

State Department of Housing and Urban Development
P.O Box 30119-00100 Nairobi, Kenya
Tel. No: +254-020-2713833
Fax: +254-020-2734886
Website: State Department of Housing and Urban Development

National Housing Corporation (NHC)

The Managing Director
NHC House, Aga Khan Walk
P.O Box 30257-00100
Nairobi – Kenya
Tel: +254 (020) 3312 149

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  • Only serving civil servants are eligible to apply for the loans.
  • Eligibility for a loan under shall be for a civil servant who has been confirmed in employment provided that any civil servant on contract terms of service shall have an unexpired contract period of more than twelve months.


  • Application is free of charge


  • The loan payment is valid for the period it is applied for.

Documents to Use

  • Application documents are available at the Ministry of Land, Housing and Urban Development Offices.

Processing Time

  • Three months.


  • Interested civil servants should express their interest by registering with the Civil Servants Housing Scheme Fund (CSHSF).

Required Information

  1. Full names
  2. Identity card number
  3. Employee number
  4. Job Group
  5. Age
  6. Date of retirement
  7. Purpose of loan
  8. Income details
  9. Next of Kin
  10. Guarantors

Need for the Document

  • The objective of the mortgage scheme is to provide housing loan facilities to civil servants for the purpose of either purchasing or constructing a residential house, developing housing units for sale or for rental purposes and raising funds for the implementation of the above.

Information which might help

  1. The maximum amount of loan that can be granted to a civil servant ranges between KShs 4 million to KShs 20 million depending on seniority and affordability.
  2. The loan is repayable within a period of twenty (20) years or before the loanee attains the age of sixty five (65) years, whichever is the earlier.
  3. The interest payable on the loan is at the rate of 5% per annum on a monthly reducing balance.
  4. The applicant is facilitated up to 90% with a down payment of only 10% expected.
  5. The loan repayments is through the check – off system which reduces lending risk and administrative cost
  6. To optimize on land use, projects developed by the scheme are high rise basically adopting gated community models. The Fund is developing housing projects in the counties
  7. In Kisumu, a 250 No. units housing project is under construction. Other projects will soon commence in Machakos, Kiambu, Embu and Nyeri Counties.
  8. A loan granted under these Regulations shall solely be utilized for—
    (a. purchase of a residential house for the occupation of the applicant;
    (b. improvement of a residential house occupied by the applicant;
    (c. development of a residential house for the occupation of the applicant;
    (d. purchase of land and development of a residential house for occupation by the applicant;
    (e. equity release for improvement or development of a residential property; and Provided that, a loan granted under these Regulations shall not be utilised for commercial purposes.
  9. A loan for development of residential property shall be granted at the discretion of the Committee to a civil servant who is in possession of a title deed to the land on which the development is to be carried out.

Other uses of the Document/Certificate

  • The mortgage loan scheme was set for civil service employee to realize their dream of homeownership and an enhanced lifestyle associated with homeownership such as greater community and school involvement and quality of life, increased job satisfaction and loyalty to employer, the possibility of reducing commuting time and investment in a home with possible equity appreciation over time.

External Links

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  • Since inception, the scheme has facilitated more than 3,000 civil servants to access housing. This has been achieved through housing finance loans or sale of houses constructed through the Scheme. To grant housing loans to Civil servants, the Scheme has partnered with two mortgage finance institutions, Home and Loan of KCB and Housing Finance, with nationwide coverage.
  • Between 2006 to date the Scheme has developed and completed 1160 housing units. Out of these, 750 have been sold on tenant purchase while 410 are rental. Another 51 temporary housing units have been developed in Kisumu to facilitate relocation and re-development of an existing estate.
  • The completed construction projects are located in various parts of Nairobi and have targeted the various income groups in civil service. The sold housing units comprised of 2 to 4 bedrooms units and were sold at prices ranging from KShs 1,500,000 to KShs 7,600,000. Some of the completed projects are located in Kilimani, Kileleshwa, Ngara, Jogoo road and Shauri Moyo.

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