How to ApplyApplication Fees; Complying with your Authorisation/Licence; Assignment … In order to construct or reconstruct a generating station, a person must have an … This role is set out in the Electricity Regulation Act 1999, as amended. …. heat and power (HE CHP) licence · LPG Licence · Electricity Supply Licence 


All applications for Authorization to construct or reconstruct a generating station should be using the Application for Authorization to Construct or Reconstruct Generating Stations forms.Please note

that there are two forms, one form for generating stations up to 40MW and another form for generating stations greater that 40MW. Please ensure that you use the correct form for your generating station.

The applicant must attach concrete evidence that he/she has the necessary technical skills to operate the generating station.

Once you have compiled the information requested and supporting documents for your application, you can apply whenever you wish to.

While the application form has to be submitted in paper form, the ERC will receive all supporting documentation in electronic format on this website- The completed application, together with all the support documents and application fee, should be delivered or sent to ERC Head-office

Electricity Regulatory Commission.

P.O. Box 42681, 00100 GPO NAIROBI

Eagle Africa Centre, Longonot Road Upperhill

Telephone: +254 20 2847000/197/198/200


Please make sure that you use the correct application form and answer all the relevant questions fully.Ads by Google

Required Documents

  • Environmental Impact Statement (if applicable)
  • Construction and commissioning programme (identifying the major milestones in the project development, from authorization to completion)
  • Maps(s) or marine charts sufficient to identify the location of the generating station to which the application relates
  • Statements of accounts for the last 2 years in respect of your relevant undertakings
  • A certificate from applicant stating that no adverse change has occurred, if more than 3 months have passed since the end of the accounting year covered by the accounts submitted.
  • If the company is a special purpose vehicle, a statement of the relevant parent company accounts and guarantees.
  • An outline 5-year business plan in relation to application, including information on project finance
  • Water extraction Licence (if applicable)
  • Accepted Connection Offer from the Transmission System Operator or Distribution System Operator for the generating station.
  • Power Purchase Agreement

Office Locations & Contacts

Electricity Regulatory Commission.

P.O. Box 42681, 00100 GPO NAIROBI

Eagle Africa Centre, Longonot Road Upperhill

Telephone: +254 20 2847000/197/198/200

Hotline: 0708 444 000

Cell Phone: 0722 200 947 / 0734414333

Fax: +254 20 2717603

Postal Address: P.O Box 42681 – 00100 NAIROBI, KENYA


Website:http://www.erc.go.keMinistry of Energy & Petroleum, Nyayo House,

Kenyatta Avenue,Nairobi

P. O. Box 30582 Kenya


Telephone: +254 020 310112

Fax: +254 020 228314

Telex: 23094 MINERGY by Google


All individual or business that hold Construction of a power generating station license are Eligible


Valid for 5 years

Processing Time

60 working days.


  • You must have authorization to construction power generating station , before you apply for Construction generating station PERMIT.
  • You must apply to the ERC for an Authorization if you wish to construct or reconstruct a generating station. Each generating station construction or reconstruction project you intend to develop will require a separate Authorization.
  • If you commence construction or reconstruction activities prior to obtaining Authorization from the ERC, you may be liable on conviction on indictment to a fine or penalty.

Required Information

  • Names, Physical and Postal Address of Applicant
  • Legal Status of the Applicant
  • Certificate of Registration,
  • Certificate of Incorporation,(if a company)
  • Address of generating station
  • Name of generating station
  • Type of generating station (Mark as applicable)
  • List Statutory Consents/Reports required for this generating station including date of grant, date of expected grant or explanation of why not required.

Need for the Document

An application under Section 16 of the Electricity Regulation Act, 1999 shall be made to the Commission for Electricity Regulation in accordance with the procedures set out in the Energy Act. Under the 1999 Act, anyone wishing to construct a new generating station or reconstruct an existing generating station must obtain an Authorization from the Energy Regulatory Commission prior to commencing work. All electricity generators must also hold Electricity Generation Licenses. Separate guidance notes and application forms for Generation Licenses are available. This procedure has guidance notes that shall help you to apply for an Authorization from the Energy Regulatory Commission to construct or reconstruct a generating station.

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