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How to Apply For International Driving License in Kenya

Before you get a driving license in Kenya, you must follow this procedure:

  1. Download the International Drivers Permit application form AA Kenya – IDP from the AA site.
  2. Download the international driving license AA Kenya application form in order to start filling.
  3. Fill the application form every single space provided.


The Automobile Association (AA) In Kenya is the only authorized issuer of the International Driving Permits (IDL) in Kenya. Applications for the International Driving License is done through the AA.

Apply in-person

  1. Visit any Automobile Association (AA) In Kenya offices in Kenya to make the application. You may also visit the AA website to download the IDL Application Form.
  2. Fill in the required information in application form and attach relevant.
  3. Pay the application fees. The application fees are as follows:-
    (a) 1 year validity Ksh 3,480 for AA members and Ksh 6,480 for AA non-members
    (b) 2 years validity Ksh 8,916 for AA members and 11,916 for AA non-member
    (c) 3 years validity Ksh 12,960 for AA members and 15,960 for AA non-member.
    • AA members are charged a lower fee than AA non members
  4. Submit the application form, accompanied by the required documents and payment receipts to the AA offices for processing.
  5. You will be contacted to collect your IDL after a processing period of 7 working days. You are required to bring proof of identification while collecting your document.

Required Documents

  1. 2 passport size photos ( with applicant’s name written on the back)
  2. Original/ copy valid Kenya Driving License
  3. Copy of valid Kenya Driving License
  4. Copy of Passport
  5. Copy of National ID
  6. Membership Card
  7. Relevant Fee / payment receipt.

Office Locations & Contacts

Automobile Association of Kenya
Renaissance Corporate Park, Upper Hill
P.O Box 40087-00100 Nairobi,
Tel: 0709 933 000 | 0709 933 999
Mobile: 0720227267 | 0720261576
Email :,
Website: Automobile Association of Kenya

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  • One must have an valid Driving License
  • The person applying for the motor vehicle driving license must be over 18 years of age.
  • A person applying for a motorcycle license must be over 16 years of age.
  • When you make a declaration as to whether or not that you are suffering from any such disease or physical disability which would result to cause road accident while you are driving.
  • You are able to read with glasses if worn, a motor vehicle identification plate at a distance of 25 meters. Note that, a blind person or a person whose one eye is blind is not allowed to possess a driving licence.


Cost for International Driving License

  1. One (1) year validity Ksh 3,480 for AA members and Ksh 6,480 for AA non-members
  2. Two (2) years validity Ksh 8,916 for AA member and 11,916 for AA non-members.
  3. Three (3) years validity Ksh 12,960 for AA member and 15,960 for AA non-members.


  • The validity period can be 1 year, 2 years or 3 years depending on the type of license you paid for.

Documents to Use

Sample Documents

Processing Time

  • The processing time takes between 7 to 14 working days.


  1. Acquire and fill application form from AA offices or AA website
  2. Pay appropriate fees and attached payment receipt together with required documents for submission.
  3. Submit application documents for processing
  4. Collection of IDL from AA offices.

Required Information

  1. Full names
  2. Email/ Postal address
  3. Nationality
  4. Place and date of birth
  5. Kenya driving license number
  6. Expiry date of Kenya driving license
  7. Driving licence class
  8. AA membership number

Need for the Document

  • The International Driving Permit is a translation of your local license which allows motorists to drive in foreign countries without having to obtain the local driver’s license. This does not require you to undergo any driving lessons
  • The international driving license is issued as an authority to allow a person to drive a motor vehicle of any class on a road in Kenya.
  • The international driving licence shows compliance with Kenya traffic laws regarding driving.

Information which might help

  • AA (Automobile Association) Kenya is the largest Automobile Association in Kenya with over 100,000 members and branch offices in all major towns countrywide

Other uses of the Document/Certificate

  • The international driving license can be used for identification purpose.

External Links

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  • An international driving license is a special permit that allows drivers to drive vehicles in other countries without additional tests or applications. If you wish to travel abroad and would like to drive in another country, you will very likely require an international driving license.

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