Holders of diplomatic or official passports visiting Sri Lanka for official purposes have to apply for visa at the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Washington D.C. Visas will be issued free of charge by the Mission for diplomatic and official passport holders traveling to Sri Lanka for official purposes.


1.) Obtain application form in the following offices:

2.) Submit form along with all the required documents and pay application fee.Ads by Google

Required Documents

  • Most recent passport of the applicant
  • Original Birth Certificate of the applicant.
  • Original National Identity Card of the applicant and a photocopy.
  • Marriage certificate if applicable (to confirm the name after marriage)
  • For MPs-A request letter from the Parliament
  • For Foreign Postings- A request letter from the Ministry of External Affairs
  • Others- A request letter from the Line Ministry


If you already have a valid passport which belongs to M or N series (if the passport number begins with letters M or N) it should be submitted along with the application.

Office Locations & Contacts

Department of Immigration and Emigration
“Suhurupaya”, Sri Subhuthipura Road, Battaramulla
Hotline : 1962
Phone : 94-11-5329000 Hunting Line
Fax : 94-11-2674621
E-Mail : controller[at]immigration.gov.lk

Controller General of Immigration and Emigration & Commissioner for Registration of Persons of Indian Origin
Mr. M. N. Ranasinghe
Telephone : +94 11 5329400
Ext : 9400
Fax : 2674621
Email : controller[at]immigration.gov.lk

Additional Controller General
Mr P. V. Gunathilaka
Telephone : +94 11 5329450
Ext : 9450

Regional Offices

Sri Lankan EmbassiesAds by Google


List of Persons to be Issued with DPL Passports.

  • The President, Spouse and their Children
  • The Prime Minister, Spouse and their Children
  • Former Presidents, Former Prime Ministers, the Speaker, Chief Justice, Ministers and Leader of the Opposition.
  • Representatives of the Government of Sri Lanka accredited to the Government of other countries while they are serving abroad.
  • Officers holding substantive appointments in the Overseas Service (including Officers Posted to Sri Lanka Mission from Department of Commerce) while serving abroad.
  • Governors of the Provinces.
  • Chief Ministers of the Provinces.
  • Deputy Speaker, Deputy Ministers, Deputy Chairman of Committees of Parliament, Chief Government Whip (Spouse and Unmarried Daughters and Minor Sons of Categories (03 to 08).
  • Attorney General.
  • Judges of the Supreme Court.
  • Judges of the Court of Appeal.
  • Members of Parliament and Spouses.
  • Chairpersons of the Provincial Councils and Provincial Ministers.
  • Secretary to the President.


  • Normal Basis – LKR. 2500.00
  • Urgent Basis – LKR. 7500.00


Validity period for Diplomatic Passport is 10 years unless otherwise specified in the passport.

Processing Time

  • Normal Basis 10 working days
  • Urgent Basis Same day

Need for the Document

A passport is a document that certifies the identity and nationality of the holder for travel abroad. It contains information about the holder; like name, gender, date and place of birth.

The government of Sri Lanka issues Diplomatic passports which are valid for all countries.

Information which might help

Office hours:

  • Normal Processing Applications – from 8.30 a.m. to 2.30 p.m.
  • Urgent Basis Applications – from 8.00 a.m. to 1.30 p.m. On week days only.

The office closes on weekends and during Public Holidays.

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