How to Apply for Australian Visa from Gulf Countries

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Before applying for your visa to Australia, applicants should decide the visa subclass under which they wish to lodge their visa application.

Applicants can use DIBP tool Visa Finder which will help them find information on visa options that meet their specific requirements. Please note that not all visas are included in VisaFinder. If you are unsure of which visa to choose, you can also visit the Department of Home Affairs website for further information or contact the Visa Office at the Australian Consulate-General, Dubai.

Please make sure you familiarize yourself with the information on the visa subclass you are applying for. The different categories that are catered to are –

Visitor Visa
Medical Treatment
Temporary Work (Short Stay)
Temporary Residence
Family – Partner
Family – Child
Family – Other
Resident Return
Citizenship By Descent
Once you know the visa type you need to apply for, please read all relevant information to that category which includes its Visa Fees, VFS Service Charges, Documents Required, Photo Specifications and Processing Time along with the Visa Application Form within that category.

Applicants should read all instructions carefully and then fill in the Visa Application Form. Applicants can also get the visa application form by visiting the nearest Australian Visa Application Centre or by downloading the forms from Applications and Forms.

Once all requirements corresponding to the visa subclass under which they wish to lodge their application are fulfilled, you are ready to apply for your visa to Australia. Applicants can lodge their visa application in any of our VFS Australian Visa Application Centre across GCC.

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Please note – VFS Global employees can only provide you with information and application forms for Australian visas, but they are not able to provide you with advice regarding which visa you should apply for.


This site is applicable to all applicants who are eligible to apply for an Australian visa in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain or Qatar. It will introduce you to the procedures involved in the visa application process.

For Prospective Applicants

If you wish to apply for an Australian visa, kindly read the information on this site carefully. This will facilitate accurate submission of your applications.

Also see:

Public Holidays/Closures

You can contact us at the Australian Visa Application Centre (AVAC) Helpdesk at: +971 4 2055900. (Sunday – Thursday between 09:00 to 17:00 – Regular Working Hours and between 09:00 to 15:00 –Ramadan Hours)

For further details, please refer to Contact Us section.

Visa Application Process

Step 1

Select a visa subclass which is appropriate for the purpose of your travel to Australia and download the relevant visa application form.

Step 2

Your visa application may require supporting documentation. For a list of supporting documentation required for your visa, see checklists provided under Visa Types. Gather all required supporting documentation for your application.

To avoid delays all supporting documentation should be submitted at the time of application.

Step 3

Organize payment of the visa fees:

Mode of Payment

  • Visa Fees are payable in Cash or Credit Card in United Arab Emirates
  • Visa Fees are payable by Credit Card only in KSA, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar and Oman

Important Note: Effective 16 April 2017, the mode of Visa fee payment in Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar and Oman will be payable only through Credit Card. Payments through Demand Drafts will be acceptable until 13 April 2017 only.

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Step 4

The prior online appointment for application submission is a mandatory requirement. Schedule an Appointment to visit the AVAC in UAESaudi ArabiaKuwaitOmanBahrain or Qatar and lodge your application and submit your biometrics.

Important note for visa applicants:

To make a valid application, applicants must lodge a complete and signed application form for the appropriate visa class, pay the appropriate visa application charge. Application forms for persons aged less than 18 years must be signed by a parent or legal guardian.

All supporting documents and information should be submitted together with the application. Any documents that are not in English must be accompanied by a certified translation.

To avoid possible delays, you should include all relevant information and additional documentation in support of your application at the time of lodgement (Documents required see the checklist available under the relevant visa category).

If you do not provide all the specified documentation at the time you lodge your application a decision may be made on the basis of the available information. Australian migration legislation permits a decision to be taken at any time after the application has been lodged.

Apply early and travel on time!


If you have submitted a Visa Application at Australian Visa Application Centre in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain or Qatar you can check your application status by providing VLN no and Date of Birth.

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As you may have experienced our services and may wish to provide feedback on them, please visit Customer Care.

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Collection of Document / Notification Letter if applicable

From 1 March 2018 the Department of Home Affairs is offering a new email service for those clients who seek to update their address or passport details using Form 929 – Change of address and/or passport details. Clients can email Form 929 and supporting documents to This is a fast, efficient and reliable service. Clients that email Form 929 will receive confirmation that their details have been updated. The service standard for confirmation is 5 days but can be as few as 2 days. Clients will continue to have the option to submit Form 929 online through ImmiAccount.

Please note clients that have a pending visa application that was lodged by paper (not online) should submit the paper version of Form 929 to the AVAC. The AVAC should then forward Form 929 to the Home Affairs Visa Office for processing. If a client elects to post the Form 929 it may take some time to process. Clients that submit Form 929 by a paper channel may not receive confirmation that details have been updated.

It is advisable that you do not make final travel arrangements until your visa has been granted

Have a safe journey!

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