How to Apply for Asylum Visa in Rwanda

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UNHCR Rwanda invites young refugees to submit their applications to participate in DAFI scholarship … Asylum seekers are not eligible for a DAFI scholarship. … The diploma/certificate to be enclosed with the application.


1. Upon arrival in Rwanda, an asylum seek must go to the nearest local town or district authority and report his / her arrival into the country. When he / she reports, he / she will be accorded basic human rights;

2. After registering with the local authorities, the applicant must proceed with registering at the nearest immigration office;

3. After registration, an applicant is issued with a Temporary Residence Permit;

4. The immigration office then informs the Executive Secretary of the National Refugee Council (NRC) of all individual applicants (asylum seekers) within a period of fifteen (15) days after registration;

5. The applicant then proceeds with registration with the office of the Executive Secretary of the National Refugee Council (NRC).

  • The applicant completes the relevant application form;
  • Executive Secretary transmits files of asylum seeks to the council for examination and decision making;
  • The National Refugee Council (NRC) examines the application;
  • It can in the process carryout interviews; and
  • Make investigations where necessary.
  • After examination, refugee status is either granted or denied.

6. The applicant is then notified about the decision of the committee in writing by the executive Secretary of the National Refugee Council (NRC) within a period of not more that fifteen days.

7. Then there after approval an applicant is issued with identification documents as approved by the Ministry of Disaster Management and Refugee affairs.Ads by Google

Required Documents

1. Identification documents

2. Proof of nationality

3. Proof of age

4. Marriage certificate (in case of a spouse)

Office Locations & Contacts

Ministry of Disaster Management and Refugee Affairs

Nyarugenge Pension Plaza,


P.O. Box 4386 Kigali


  • To apply, one must have a well founded fear of either war or prosecution resulting from differences in either race, religion, nationality, ethnic or tribal reasons.
  • This prosecution must either be by the government or a group that cannot be controlled by government.


free of charge


As long as cause still exists. However Refugee status can be cancelled for instance:-

1. When a person obtains new nationality thus receiving protection from another country;

2. A person may go back in the country he left before;

3. If one acts against the law or committees an offence in the country;

4. A person can voluntarily re-avail himself / herself of protection of the country of his / her nationality;


1. Applicant must have a genuine reason and well founded fear;

2. Applicants running away from persecution after committing a serious crime against humanity shall not be granted asylum;

3. Application after involvement in activities contrary to the United Nations principles shall not be approved;

4. Applicants must be ready to observe the laws and regulations of the country if application is approved;

5. When in the country applicants should not involve in activities which are harmful to the interest of Rwanda;

6. Registration with immigration office must be within fifteen (15) days upon arrival in the country;

7. Ensure that identification documents are issued upon approve of application;

8. Decision is made basing on absolute majority of committee members.

Required Information

1. Full name of applicant

2. Sex, Age and marital status

3. Nationality

4. Cause of fear

5. Details of spouse (if married)

6. Details of children / dependants (under eighteen (18) years, if any)Ads by Google

Need for the Document

  • Asylum is a form of protection by foreign government given to individuals running away from insecurity / fear in their home country. *Applying for asylum means seeking refugee status in a foreign country due to fear / insecurity in home country.
  • In Rwanda a National Refugee Council (NRC) was set up to follow up and examine issues of refugees in the country. The council has an *Executive Secretary who is a civil servant in charge of refugee affairs in the Ministry of Disaster Management and Refugee Affairs. It (the *National Refugee Council) has the right to decide on status of asylum seekers in Rwanda and it has a right to retract refugee status if a refugee acts against the law.

Information which might help

1. The National Refugee Council (NRC) always gives reasons for its decisions

2. Applicants of rejected applicants are supported to leave the country immediately, they can only stay for a period not more than sixty (60) days. This period can be renewed, but only once.

3. If an applicant is not satisfied with decision by National Refugee Council (NRC), he / she can file a case in court within fifteen (15) days upon receiving notification;

4. In case an applicant files a case in court, he / she is free to stay in the country till case is ruled.

Other uses of the Document/Certificate

1. Successful applicants have a right to stay in the country.

2. Approved applicants can in addition apply for and receive travel documents valid for two (2) years.

3. Free entry for spouse and children under eighteen years.

4. Successful applicants receive free education and medical services; they are free to worship and move free in the country.

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