How to Apply for a Postal Address Rental P O BOX in Kenya

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Visit any post office or huduma centre to make the application. If making the application form a Huduma centre approach the Kenya Posta desk 


Apply in person

  1. Visit any post office or huduma centre to make the application
    • If making the application form a Huduma centre approach the Kenya Posta desk to make the application.
  2. Here you will be provided with an application form depending on the type of postal box/bag you want to acquire.
    • Three are two main categories of post boxes
    (i) Physical Post box
    (ii) Virtual Post box
    You can further make an application as:-
    (i) An Individual
    (ii) A corporate
  3. Depending on the application type you want to make, Fill in the required information and attach the required document.
    (i) Copy of certificate of registration
    (ii) Copy of ID/ Passport
  4. Pay applicable fees and submit receipt together with application and required documents.
  5. Collect your box keys.

Apply online

  1. Visit the Posta Kenya website scroll down on the Posta Online Services
  2. Click on the Box Application icon. This will lead you to the online application page.
  3. Select which type of postal box you want to rent. There are two types of postal boxes.
    Physical Letter Box .
    • This is the traditional Post Office Box. For this a key is provided. The owner can access the Box and collect their mail at any time. They can also be notified by SMS and EMAIL if they onboard their physical boxes onto to this digital platform.
    Virtual Letter Box
    • This is a digital Post Office Box. For this there is no physical key. The owner is notified by SMS and EMAIL whenever there is mail. They can either collect it from the post office counter or request Posta to deliver the mail to their physical address.
  4. Click on the type of application you want to make.
    (a) Individual Physical Box Registration
    (b) Corporate Physical Box Registration
    (c) Individual Virtual Box Registration
    (d) Corporate Virtual Box Registration
  5. Fill in the online application form and upload ID and KRA PIN images and click on register.
  6. Make a registration payment and print application notification.
  7. Visit the postal office which you chose as your preferred post office to collect box key if you applied for the physical box.

Required Documents

Posta Physical Box Registration (Corporate)

  1. Copy of certificate of registration
  2. Application fees receipt of Kshs. 10,960
  3. Post box key deposit receipt of Kshs 560

Physical Box Registration (Individual)

  1. Copy of national ID/ Passport
  2. Application fees receipt of Kshs. 2,320
  3. Post box key deposit receipt of Kshs 560

Posta Virtual Box Registration (Corporate)

  1. Copy of certificate of registration
  2. Application fees receipt of Kshs. 6,000

Posta Virtual Box Registration (Individual)

  1. Copy of national ID/ Passport
  2. Application fees receipt of Kshs. 1,810

Office Locations & Contacts

Kenya Posta Posta House, Kenyatta Avenue, Nairobi’
P. O. Box 34567 GPO, Nairobi, 00100 Kenya.
Cell: 0719072600 / 0734108120
Tel: 020 324 2000 / 3242600

Kenya Posta: Online Application Portal

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  • One should be at least 18 years of age
  • One should have a physical location
  • A corporate should have a certificate of registration.


Application fees (physical letter box)

  • Corporate boxes Kshs. 10,960
  • Individual boxes Kshs. 2,320

Application fees (virtual letter box)

  • Corporate boxes Kshs. 6,000
  • Individual boxes Kshs. 1,810

Each renewable annually AT THE SAME PRICE
Annual renewal rates of physical letter box

  • Corporate box Kshs. 9,450/yr
  • Individual box Kshs. 2,000/ yr
  • Special Corporate box Kshs. 6,225/ yr
  • Learning & Religious Orgs box Kshs. 7,725/ yr
  • Sub Post office box Kshs. 1,320/ yr
  • Stand-Alone box Kshs. 12,500/ yr
  • For new renters a key deposit of Kshs. 560/- is payable and refundable upon return of the keys after surrender of the box.


  • The Postal address is valid forever but you may lose the postal box if you do not pay the renewal fees.

Documents to Use

  • Application forms are provided at the post office. Other applications are made online.

Processing Time

  • The processing time is one day but this may vary if you are making an application for post box from another post office.


  • You can download and print the application forms by clicking this link OR Pick one from your nearest post office.
  • Attach a copy of certificate of registration or ID/ Passport to the dully filled form and take it to your local post office.
  • Pay the applicable fees and collect your box keys.

Required Information

  1. Individual/ Company Full names
  2. Gender
  3. Date of birth
  4. Occupation
  5. Company’s Specific area of trade
  6. Mobile phone No.
  7. National ID number
  8. ID image
  9. KRA pin
  10. County/City/Town
  11. Preferred Post Office
  12. Preferred Box No.
  13. Current email address
  14. Individual/ Company Physical Address

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Need for the Document

  • Private letter box/bags is a uniquely addressable lockable box which offers a safe and secure means of accessing letters.
  • These are delivery points for mail in Kenya as mails are sorted into these boxes/bags at the specific offices the mail is addressed.

Information which might help

There are different types of Private letter boxes to suite every requirement.

  1. Corporate boxes – Caters for business organizations
  2. Individual boxes – Caters for individuals.
  3. Special Corporate – Caters for special groups (This includes homes for children ,the elderly and destitute and philanthropic organization)
  4. Learning and Religious Organization – Caters for institutions like schools, universities, churches etc
  5. Sub post offices – Boxes are located in sub-post offices
  6. Stand-Alone boxes

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  • Kenya has over 400,000 private letter boxes countrywide.

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