1.You should start by writing an application for asylum (application for the grant of a refugee’s status) to the State Commissioner. Submit your application through the nearest competent officer (either or not an immigration officer) or through any office of the partnering world organization in Egypt;

2.In cases:i)where an application is submitted to a competent officer who is not an immigration office, he / she (the competent officer) notifies the immigration officer about the presence of the asylum seeker as soon as possible, the immigration officer after receiving and examining application forwards to the Eligibility Committee ;ii)where an application is submitted at the office of the partnering organization, the Commissioner for Refugees in that office after viewing and approving application forwards to the Eligibility Committee;

Note: The Eligibility Committee for Refugees is a set up committee under the supervision of the state Commissioner with the responsibility of processing, considering applications for refugee status and recommending such applicants that qualify for that status to the State Commissioner and it is also responsible for registering approved applicants.

3.When the Eligibility Committee receives the application, it has the obligation of examining documents and assessing eligibility of applicant. In this case, if found necessary, the committee in the due course of processing application may invite you to appear before it for an interview;

4.After processing application, the Eligibility Committee makes a decision and the decision is communicated to you in writing by the state Commissioner;

5.In cases where the Eligibility Committee rejects approval of your application, the reasons for rejecting application are also given in the communication by the State Commissioner;

6.If an application is approved and a person has been granted refugee status, you and any other person included on the application is issued with an identity card by the Minister of internal affairs and you shall be issued with a residence permit ;Ads by Google

Required Documents

1. Identification documents of applicant and any other person included on application;

2.Proof of nationality of applicant and any other person include on application

3.Marriage certificate (in case a spouse is include on the application)

4.Proof of parenthood / guardianship in case minors are included on application

Office Locations & Contacts

Ministry of Manpower and Immigration

DR. Nahed ElAshry img

Address 3 Youssief Abaas St Nasr City Cairo

Phone no. 22609366 – 22609368 – 22618019

Fax 22618019




The followings foreigners are eligible for Political asylum in Egypt-

1.A foreigner whose life / liberty is threatened on basing on his / her nationality, race, religion, having a different political opinion or being a membership of a particular political group;

2.A foreigner his life, physical honesty is threatened basing on external hostility, foreign supremacy, occupation or events seriously distracting public order in home country;

3.Foreign nationals in the Foreign country who are unable or unwilling to return to their home country because of persecution or a well-founded fear of persecution on account of race, religion, nationality, or membership in a particular social or political group may obtain asylum.


Free of charge


Valid for 5 years the renew is required after.


1.Foreigners who are proved to be a danger to the security of country shall not be granted asylum;

2.Also a foreigner who has been convicted by a court or tribunal for committing any political serious crime may not be granted asylum;

3.Where an application is rejected, the applicant may appeal against the decision of the Eligibility Committee to the Refugee Appeal Board;

4.An appeal against refusal of approval must be submitted within thirty (30) days of his being notified of the refusal;

5.If a person appeals to the Refugee Appeal Board, he / she may be allowed to remain in the country till a final decision is made;

6.Applicants must know that any applicant approved is subject to all laws in force within Egypt;

7.A person whose application is rejected, he / she is given reasonable time to look for admission as a refugee into another country;

8.Applicant whose applications await decision are free to remain in the country till a decision is made;

9.A person whose status has been withdrawn has the right to appeal against withdrawal;

10.Appeals against withdrawal of status should be submitted within seven (7) from date of receipt of communication of withdrawal;

Required Information

1.Name of Asylum seeker

2.Sex, Age and marital status of Asylum seeker

3.Nationality of Asylum seeker

4.Country of origin / nationality of Asylum seeker

5.Details of any people included on application (if any)

6.Reasons for running away from home countryAds by Google

Need for the Document

Asylum is the legal title under which a foreigner stays in a given country and enjoys protection against expulsion and extradition. To apply for asylum refers to applying for refugee status in a foreign country and a person whose application for asylum is approved is referred to as a refugee. The Arab Republic Government of Egypt through the Ministry of Internal Affairs handles issues of refugees in partnership with world organization.

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