How to Apply for a Police FingerPrint Clearance Certificate in Uganda

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Hey everyone, Today am writing about an usual topic of How to get a Good Conduct Certificate or Police Clearance Certificate; whatever you want to call it.

I have been getting lots of friends asking about how to get the Certificate of Good Conduct for a while, here is what I have complied for you.

First, lets answer a few questions about the Good Conduct Certificate?

A. What is the Good Conduct Certificate?

Okay, a Certificate of Good Conduct as most of us call is a security record for expat workers indicating that they have no criminal record from their country of origin.

B. How long can a Certificate be valid?

This varies from country to country or state to state. For the case of Uganda, a Police Clearance Certificate is valid for only SIX months from the date of issue.

C. What if my Certficate expires before I leave my country?

Well, in case you fail to make it out of the country and your certificate expires, then go back to where you got the ceritificate and apply again.

D. Which countries ask for a Good Conduct Certificate?

Not all countries ask for this certificate, but it is best if you obtain a Certificate of Good Conduct before you leave the country for a job abroad.

E. Can my dependants use my Certificate of Good Conduct to move with me in another country?

You may want to travel with your dependants but it will require them too to obtain a Good Conduct Certificate for security reasons like not ‘smugle a criminal’ into another country. Each of your dependants should obtain one.

F. Is there a fee to pay or it’s free?

Good question, issuing a certificate involves man power and machinery which require salary and mentenance, so the cerificate is issued on a certain fee as sitipulated by the issuing body.

G. Can I get a Certicate of Good Conduct abroad?

Yes, you can obtain your certificate from the Police of the country you are working from. You can visit your foreign mission for assistance.

H. Where can I get a Good Conduct Certificate?

The certificate can be obtained by the authorized issuing body in the country. For the case of Uganda, you can only get it at Interpol in Kampala. Avoid short-cut.

I. Who issues the Certificate of Good Conduct?

Somehow imilar to question H above, a Certificate of Good Conduct or Police Clearance Certificate is issued by designated government security body. In uganda it is issued by the National Central Bureau of Interpol, Kampala.

How To Obtain A Certificate of Good Conduct

Now lets embark on understanding the procedure of getting a Certificate of Good Conduct.

I will use Uganda as a case study.

If you live in Uganda

Visit the Interpol Office with the necessary documents.

If you live outside Uganda

Visit your nearest High Commission for further assistance.

For Residents

Get the bank slips for payments (you will need to provide your National ID for domestic or Passport for employment abroad)

Pay the required fee at the Stanbic Bank, Forest Mall.Payments are made in Uganda Shillings.

Back to Interpol and complete the nessary application form.

Write a cover letter requesting for a Certificate of Good coducting. A sample letter is at the Interpol on the wall for reference.

Pay for service charge in Room 5 (venue is subject to change)

Have your fingerprints taken.

The documents will be taken for a manual criminal record check and then send the results to Interpol.

Collect your Certificate after two weeks or less (the officer will let you know when to come back on the day you apply)

Do not forget to make photocopies of your payment slips.

For Non Residents

If you have family or friends living in Uganda, they can apply on your behalf. All you will need to provide are all the documents listed below and pay the required fee through your family or friends or through a bank cheque. You will then need to courier or post the application to Interpol (and include a prepaid, self-addressed return courier voucher).

Requirements to obtain a Certificate of Good Conduct


  • Two recent passport photographs.
  • Photocopies of relevant pages in applicant’s passport for jobs abroad or Natioanl ID for employment within Uganda.
  • Fingerprints (to be taken at Interpol)
  • A letter providing background information of applicant.

Non Residents

  • A certified copy of your Identity document foreign nationals are required to provide their passport bio-data page.
  • Fingerprints – If you are living outside Uganda, you need to provide certified original fingerprints taken at a police station in your current place of residence.
  • Two passport size photos (in color).
  • A letter of introduction explaining why the police certificate is being requested.
  • Certified copies of visa/permits showing the period of legal residence in Uganda
  • A letter from your employer if you are a foreign national who lived in Uganda. The letter should advise who you are, what type of work you did, and where you lived in Uganda
  • Application fee
  • If you have spent only a short period of time in Uganda you will need to provide a police certificate from your home country or country of current residence.

Let’s answer one more question.

How to get a certificate of Good Contact while abroad?

For Ugandans who work abroad, they can obtain the Certificate of Good Conduct from the police in the countries wherever they are. Visit the Uganda High Commision for assistance.

For Ugandan in UAE

Starting February 2018, to be allowed to work in UAE you must have a Certificate of Good Conduct. Here are the procedures to follow to obtain a Certicate of Good Conduct in Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

How to apply from within the UAE

Applying online

Long-term residents in the UAE who are looking for a new visa can apply to Dubai Police or Abu Dhabi Police for a certificate.

Now to make the process simpler, Dubai Police Website provides quicker way to obtain a certificate.

Alternatively, apply through the Dubai Police Smart Apps on your mobile phone. Click here to get Dubai Police App for Android and Click Dubai Police App for Apple.

Applying in person 

You can go to any Police Station or the General Department of Criminal Investigation (CID) offices between 7.30am to 2.30pm from Sunday to Thursday.

Over the phone

Call 901 for inquiries only. You cannot apply through the phone.

What documents do you need?

Valid Emirates ID.
Active Email Address.

What if your Emirates ID isn’t valid, because you are in between jobs? 

The police explained over the phone that you can still use your invalid Emirates ID.

Uganda Police Force published an article on Certificate of Good

You should apply at your nearest High Commission of Uganda or through a representative, relative or Friend. You need to provide certified original fingerprints, taken at a police station in your current place of residence. You must also bring: A certified copy of your identity document.


This can be done in two way

At any police station

  • Go to any nearby police station;
  • Request that your fingerprints be taken on a prescribed form;
  • Make all the necessary payments;
  • The office will affix the police stamp and seal to the form on which the finger prints are taken and return it to you

National Bureau of Interpol[edit]

  • Go to Head of National Bureau of Interpol Uganda and apply for the certificate;
  • Make payment at the nominated bank;
  • Get all the required document;
  • Go to CID Headquarters to have fingerprints taken.
  • CID will then conduct a manual criminal record check and send the results to Interpol
  • Collect the results from Interpol and pay the second fee charge.

Required Documents

  • A certified copy of Identity document foreign nationals are required to provide their passport bio-data page
  • Two passport size photos (in colour)
  • A letter of introduction explaining why the police certificate is being requested
  • Certified copies of visa/permits showing the period of legal residence in Uganda in cases of foreigners.
  • Letter from your employer if you are foreign nationals who lived in Uganda. The letter should advise who you are, what type of work you did, and where you lived in Uganda
  • Payment slips

Office Locations & Contacts

International Criminal Police Organization
National Central Bureau of Interpol
Plot 2 Mabua Road Kololo
P.O. Box 2973 Kampala
Telephone: +256-414-500695/500698
Fax: +256-414-500696

Head of National Bureau of Interpol Uganda
Plot 12, Mabua Road
P.O Box 34203, Kampala UGANDA
Telephone: 256 (414) 500 698 or 772 345 161 or 716 345 161Ads by Google


Eighteen and above


  • Ugx 48000 payable to a nominated bank.
  • Ugx 3000 payable to Interpol when the police certificate is collected

Processing Time

At the police station it could go for a day. At the National Central Bureau of Interpol it could go for 2 or more days


  1. Apply in person at the nearest Ugandan police station
  2. Complete the necessary application form.
  3. Make all necessary payments
  4. Send the application together with the required documents to International Criminal Police
  5. The fingerprint form must be signed by the person who took the fingerprints

Required Information

  • The applicants full name
  • Sex
  • Date and place of birth
  • Nationality
  • A set of fingerprints of both hands taken by a recognized police authority
  • Identity number
  • Purpose of certificate required

Need for the Document

A fingerprint in its narrow sense is an impression left by the friction ridges of a human finger. They can also be explained as traces of an impression from the friction ridges of any part of a human. A police fingerprint clearance certificate is issue to confirm that the applicant owns the fingerprints printed on the certificate.

Information which might help

  • Family or friends living in Uganda can apply on behalf of an applicant buy not that an original certificate of fingerprint verification certificate should be attached.
  • If one is applying from outside Uganda, a bank cheque of the equivalent amount in USD is accepted and cheque should be made payable to the Director of Interpol.
  • No other currency is accepted except USD or Ugandan Shillings (as Interpol Kampala does not hold a foreign bank account and therefore cannot cash foreign currency money orders).

Other uses of the Document/Certificate

  • The certificate can be used as identification document;
  • It confirms identity;
  • It can e used as court requirements, residence permission or securing employment

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