How the Banyankole have dominated in Uganda

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  1. The president of Uganda Y.K Museven is a
  2. The 1st lady is also a Munyankole.
  3. The best Ugandan Comedian Anne
    Kansiime is a Munyankole. Otahakana!
  4. The best Ugandan entreprenuer Patrick
    Bitature is a Munyankole.
  5. The popular Ugandan tycoons Hassan
    Basajjabalaba, Laurentie Kubz and Patrick
    Bitature are Banyankole.
  6. The F.D.C party president H.E Kiiza Besigye
    is a Munyankole.
  7. The IGP himself is a munyankole
  8. I myself who carried out this research am a
  9. The most cutest ladies are the banyankole.
  10. The most hardworking ugandans are the
  11. If u want to produce bright children just
    marry a Munyankole.
  12. You yourself reading this you are a
    munyankole, wakireeba?
  13. The governor of Uganda Mr. Mutebile is a
  14. The chief justice of uganda Mr. Bart
    Katureebe is a munyankole.
  15. The most peaceful, inteligent and rich
    people are the Banyankole.
  16. The best ugandan female artist Sheebah K
    is a Munyankole

17, The most handsome Musician Tugume Wycliff aka Ykee Benda is a Munyankole

18, The Former AIGP late Felix Kawees R.I.P was a Munyankole

19, The current AIGP Hassan Kasingye is a Munyankole

20_ The most Patriotic Man Frank Gashumba is a munyankole woow

21, The most inspiring Woman Barbie Itungo Kyagulanyi is a Munyankole.

*The list is endless

Banyankole oyee 💪👌✊✌✋👊👍☝👆💜

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