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M-PESA has become part and parcel for Kenyans’ daily lives. 11 years after its launch, M-PESA continues to transform lives across Africa, standing out as a true example of the Kenyan drive to excel and transform their life.
With over 27 million people touched by the power of M-PESA, it has become an integral part of life in Kenya as well as a gateway to success for most individuals. Through introduction of relevant products and services such as M-Shwari and KCB M-PESA we continuously embrace business practices that are aimed at positively impacting the society.

M-Shwari & KCB M-PESA

As M-PESA grows so has the opportunity it provides. More than 18 million people now have an easy to use platform that helps them save for their future no matter how small the amounts. This enables them to grow and start initiatives that help them improve their quality of life.

These platforms also allow more Kenyans access to quick, affordable loans to help them take advantage of opportunities which come their way. Whether it’s for restocking mama mboga’s kiosk or investing in your child’s education, M-Shwari and KCB M-PESA have continuously been part of Kenya’s growth since their respective inception.

M-PESA and your Business

M-PESA continues to contribute to the economy by pumping over 140,000 direct job and business opportunities in the form of Agents. Businesses are not left out either. Through Lipa na M-PESA, more business can now receive payments safely and easily. This makes transacting in Kenya much easier for both the merchants and their clients with over 70,000 merchants signed up so far.


M-KOPA is transforming the lives of more than 500,000 households across Kenya. Every day, up to 500 homes have access to affordable and renewable energy, greatly contributing in reducing running costs and a cleaner environment, with over 62.5 million hours of kerosene free lighting per month in M-KOPA households. M-KOPA is also empowering Kenyans with access to information and entertainment with over 50,000 solar in the market. Through the partnership with M-PESA, M-KOPA customers have upgraded to more than 150,000 assets such as water tanks, energy-efficient cooking stoves and smartphones enabling them generate additional income as well as taking advantage of opportunities.


M-Tiba is changing the way Kenyans access healthcare with over 800,000 Kenyans saving on M-Tiba. This enables you to access life-saving treatment at more than 400 facilities. 
M-Tiba has paid out more than KSHs.126.8 million to customers spread out over 83,000 clinic visits. Through the platform, Kenyans have saved over KSHs.7.8 million by March 2017Was this information helpful?

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