How do I find TV shows and movies on Netflix?

Netflix uses a variety of methods to help you find TV shows and movies to enjoy. You can find TV shows and movies through Recommendations or Search, or by browsing through categories.

How do Recommendations work?

To help you find your new favorite TV show or movie, Netflix makes recommendations and displays them in rows for you to browse through.

Some examples of Recommendations rows include:

  • Trending Now, Recently Added, Exciting TV Shows, Comedies, Top Picks For You, Because You Watched…

Netflix uses a variety of factors to determine which TV shows and movies to show you. For more information, see How does Netflix get TV shows and movies to stream online or Netflix Ratings & Recommendations.

How does Search work?

Netflix allows you to search for TV shows and movies in a variety of ways, described below. While you’re searching, keep in mind:

  • If something you search for is not available, Netflix will suggest similar titles that you might enjoy.
  • If something you search for is too vague, Netflix will provide suggestions for people, titles, genres or directors that might be relevant.
  • At times, Netflix will have a placeholder for a TV show or movie that can be found in search, but does not have a play button. These are typically for upcoming titles not yet available.

NOTE: Search results will vary depending upon the maturity rating level of the profile being searched.

Search typeSearch Term ExampleExample of Results
TV Show or Movie TitlesStranger ThingsTV shows and movies with Stranger Things in the title
Actors / ActressesMillie Bobby BrownTV shows and movies featuring Millie Bobby Brown
DirectorsThe Duffer BrothersTV shows and movies directed or created by The Duffer Brothers
GenreTV Sci-Fi & FantasyAll available TV shows that fall into the Sci-FI & Fantasy genre.
Video QualityUHDTV Shows and movies with UHD quality available
Language TypeSpanish MoviesSpanish language movies

If you’re looking for movies that have subtitles or audio dubbing in specific languages, you can browse our Audio or Subtitles pages to view TV shows and movies in the language you chose. For more information, see How do I adjust subtitles, captions and alternate audio on my device?

How do I browse for TV shows or movies?

Depending on the device you’re using to stream, Netflix offers a variety of ways to browse content.

TV Show & Movie Filters

  • On most devices, you’ll have the option to select either TV Shows or Movies, and then further refine by genre. These filters typically appear at the top of the screen on mobile devices and web, or within the vertical menu on TVs.

Category Row

  • On most TVs, you’ll find a Categories row, where you can select a category of content you’re interested in. These categories will also display when you select the Search option.

Suggested Titles Rows

  • Netflix has rows of suggested titles based your viewing habits. These rows can be scrolled through to view more related titles, and may change depending on how often you use them.
    • If a row is never used (you really don’t like Horror movies, so you never click into the suggested row), it will move lower and lower, until it is no longer listed.
    • Rows may vary depending on the device you’re using.

Highlighted Titles

  • Netflix shows highlighted TV shows or movies we think you’ll enjoy. These are typically displayed at the top of the screen, with a large picture to showcase the suggested TV show or movie.

NOTE: Suggested results will vary depending upon the maturity rating level of the profile being searched.

Still can’t find the TV show or movie you’re looking for? Have a suggestion for a TV show or movie? Suggest TV shows or movies online!

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