By Lydia Mathia via FB

Corruption is a terrible vice… terrible. H.E the President has taken a clear and strong stand against it. What riles me the most about these mega scams is the following;

1. No value is added to the economy in terms of employment or purchase of supplies coz these super-contracts deal in air;

2. The money made never circulates back into the economy… instead it is sponged off the backs of our farmers, teachers, hawkers and hidden away for decades, possibly generations coz it can’t be spent;

3. It distorts critical sectors such as real estate etc because in an attempt to launder what can be cleaned, there is no care about how much things cost making trade in these sectors further out of reach for genuine Kenyans;

4.It is crippling the imagination of our youth… there is little drive to create value e.g through agriculture, inventions, ICT etc because all you have to do is be a glorified broker on paper AKA Airpreneur. Taxes should ideally finance production or value addition;

5. It is a serious threat to National security when individual persons have access to impossible amounts in liquid cash not held in assets or banks… just good old fashioned cash lying around in gazillions ready to be spent on anything without a care…in a country with so many unemployed youth… that kind of cash could be the difference between stability and…God forbid.

All in all, let us join His Excellency in saying a solid no to this vice… let us be strong when enticed and brave enough to blow the whistle for tomorrow’s Kenya.