Hon Okwara explains why Luyhas in Kibra should humiliate DP Ruto

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Luyhas in Kibra should humiliate DP Ruto, he discriminated me in 2017 coz of my tribe- Hon Okwara

By Kevin K. Okwara via fb

I campaigned alone in Turbo amidst a lot of difficulties and hostility yet those today telling Mariga and the Luyia community in Kibra that we are together never at any onetime called, assisted or supported my campaigns. I was abandoned and ostracized by the entire Uasin Gishu Jubilee brigade and they said ‘hiyo ni -bedroom ya Mkubwa.’ All machinery was put in place to protect the seat including sermoning the entire community leadership across the region. We had jubilee aspirants and leaders coming from far and wide to campaign against me. Hiyo ni siasa anyway!

Today they are in Kibra telling Mariga and Luyias khuli alala and tunataka bedroom ya Baba!
Do we have some animals who are more equal than others!

Why the double speak anyway!

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