Let me also Wade into this Mudavadi matter.

It is reported that the son of Mudamba is in “secret” talks with ODM numero uno, Hon Raila Odinga, for a possible deal.
Mudavadi himself has given strongest indications that he might work with Odinga in a pre-election pact that is yet to be penciled in.

This however isn’t news for keen political observes. Odinga has nothing to reap from this reunion but it’s necessary nonetheless.
Suffice it to say, the biggest winner in this case would be Mudavadi. He’ll get any swat he chooses to go for but presidency.
My crystal ball tells me the man from Vihiga might vie for governorship. Though I don’t have the balls to tell which County he’ll settle for.

With Mr. Odinga’s blessings, Mudavadi might win as he prepare for a serious stab at presidency in 2022 without jokers like Kioni.
However, Raila’s candidature needs the full backing of Kalonzo Musyoka, the “man of God” From Tseikuru.

If Kalonzo backs him again, then Jakom might show a good performance in the upcoming elections (I’m not talking about a win).
But if Kalonzo insists on running for presidency, then he will cart away over one million Kamba votes Raila scooped in 2017.
This will nip Mr Odinga’s presidential bid in the bud and those who want to commit suicide for this reason will have a good excuse.