“ Cyrus Jirongo says Do you want to tell me that the combined votes of Kikuyus and some Kalenjins can make Uhuru president?” asked Hon Jirongo.

“That’s a lie from the devil. They stole over two million votes through this thing they are now forcing down our throats…it wont work this time round. Kenyans who voted for Mudavadi plus Nyanza block, Western block, Turkana, Maasai, Coast block and the muslims/Somali community…And i’m told that MERU is fifty fifty, that leaves Uhuru with only Central and sections of Rift Valley, rest of Kenya is SOLDLY BEHIND Raila.

Remember also that a good number of the Kipsigis are with Isaack. There are so many enlightened Kenyans whether Kikuyu or Kalenjins who are disgruntled by the run away corruption and assassinations. Those informed fellows who would rather restore the dignity of this nation than watch it sink down because of “uthamaki” rubish!

..Ruto’s arrogance and blatant theft has chased so many votes from Uhuru. Duale’s loose tongue is doing opposition more favour than Jubilee.

Now tell me, in your right state of mind, how on earth do you think that Uhuru will be able to defeat Raila in a free and fair contest?”