Hon. Babu Owino gives stern warning to Uhuru over CJ Maraga & Judiciary


My attention is drawn to the statement made by H. E the Chief Justice and the President of the Supreme Court David K. Maraga. In this statement, the CJ brought to the surface the undercurrents in the tense relationship between the Judiciary and the Executive.

I wish to appeal to my seniors, H. E the President and H. E the CJ to exercise wisdom and sobriety for the sake of the people of Kenya. When elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers. This conflict between these two respected arms of Government can only result in hardship for ordinary citizens.

The Constitution of Kenya 2010 establishes these offices and gives them the responsibilities that they bear. No one should think that the President or the Chief Justice is where they are by accident. These offices exist not to serve individuals but to serve the people of Kenya.

I therefore caution all those who are hell bent on undermining this relationship for their own selfish gains. We will not stand by as you destroy this country. The Chief Justice is a senior and respected member of our society and we will protect both the institution and the individual by hook or by crook!

Hon. Babu Owino,
MP, Embakasi East and Leader, Youth For Africa Movement.

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