Highest Paying Keywords for Kenyan Bloggers Who use AdSense

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If you’re a Kenyan blogger who is monetizing your content with AdSense, you need to know which keywords pay the highest amount of money. I always go through most website and what I see is shocking:honestly,you can’t make decent income with the way some of you write. There are few tricks you should master for you to grow in this industry.

I know most of you might be guilt here but it’s good you will not be repeating the same mistakes in future. It’s worrying that majority of bloggers in the country are more focused on social media traffic as opposed to generating quality content. What I observe is that once someone has posted content on their blog, they rush to Facebook and Twitter to share it.The publisher does not take into consideration keywords and the duration the post will take before its traffic decay. An intelligent blogger would focus on writing posts that are searchable on Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines. But it’s hard to achieve that without the assistance of some SEO tools.

Since 2015 I have been using various SEO tools, which actually helped me earn as high as Ksh700,000 per month from AdSense. You will notice that most of my articles are ranked on Google page one and they attract a lot of interest from readers. I credit the SEO tools I use. But there’s one thing I always do, ensure that I have at least one unique article each day-which is a plus to my traffic numbers.

For bloggers who have been using AdSense, you should know that nowadays advertisers pay based on keywords. The payment is done through bidding, where the advertiser chooses where their adverts should be placed and the long tail keywords to target. If you are clever enough to read the minds of advertisers, you will attract highest paying keywords.

The first thing to note before you create your content is that companies pay based on the budget they have set aside for advertisements. They won’t spend lots of money when they don’t make profit. The industries you expect to have the highest CPC (Cost Per Click) include banking, insurance, real estate, mortage, telecommunication,e-commerce,education and health.

Based on research from SEO tools, here are the best paying keywords in Kenya

  1. Marketable courses in Kenya
  2. Best Mortgage companies in Kenya
  3. Cancer Hospitals in Kenya
  4. Cancer Hospitals for Kenyans in India
  5. Best Law firms in Nairobi
  6. Best universities in Kenya
  7. Best Android phones in Kenya
  8. Top 10 cheapest smartphones in Kenya
  9. Safaricom Data bundles
  10. Jumia Kenya phones
  11. Plots for Sale in Nairobi
  12. Best Real Estate Companies in Kenya
  13. Mobile money transfer in Kenya
  14. How to import products from China to Kenya
  15. Jobs for Kenyans in Dubai
  16. Dubai recruitment agencies in Kenya
  17. Best online stores in Kenya
  18. Best hotels in Nairobi
  19. Houses to rent in Nairobi
  20. Sports betting companies in Kenya
  21. Web hosting
  22. How to get American Green Card
  23. Best online payment methods in Kenya
  24. Where to buy pure gold jewelry in Kenya
  25. Aviation colleges in Kenya and fees structure

Those are some of the best performing long tail keywords.If you manage to write viral content on cancer treatment,you will be shocked how much money you can make from that single article.Another article that performs extremely well is one involving smartphones in Kenya,it pays up to $0.30 per click.

Most people ignore content related to morgages,but I know a company which can pay up to $3 per click.

If you are a blogger and you aspire to make over Ksh 100,000 from blogging,stop focusing on social media traffic and focus on high paying long tail keyword. You can learn more from LongTail Pro tool, which is available for free online(Sign up for free here) or simply contact us for advice.We can list all the best keywords for a fee

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