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Serpstat Changes Pricing and Closes the Basic Plan A for $19

The full review of this an all-in-one SEO service you can read here.

Serpstat is developing, adding new search bases and opportunities to provide customers with the best service. Constant growth and evolution of the platform are also new challenges for the team.

Therefore, they recycle the pricing. The main thing is that Serpstat does not change prices, but they adjust the number of limits in Plans, leaves four plans and completely close the basic plan – Plan A for $19.

To make the story short, there are many reasons for such an unpopular step in service development. The main of them are:

  • large-scale and fast product development
  • complete reformatting of all dev teams
  • release of new unique functionality
  • launch of all regional Google databases.

All these large-scale updates over the past year have allowed the tool to reach a new global level and give Serpstat users databases that outperform competitors’ ones.

In this article, I want to tell about the main reasons for the Serpstat’s pricing reform and the ways how you can fix your current limits and any Plan for a long period.

#1 Reason — Updates and new opportunities

Serpstat is constantly monitoring thematic online chats, their communities in Twitter and Facebook, collecting feedback and suggestions for improving the service and creating new features. They have established a process of constant interaction with users in order to create only those tools that are needed by the market.

Over the past year:

  1. Serpstat has done a tremendous job of increasing the number of databases. They collected keywords databases from all over the world launching more than 200 regional Google databases. Also now, Serpstat has the largest Google USA database with 2.5B keywords. More information on databases can be found on the Serpstat statistics page.
  2. Serpstat added multi-user mode for SEO projects. Thanks to this, you can easily control the efficiency of project management, distribute limits, receive letters with reports and control work on specific modules. Large SEO agencies and in-house teams have already appreciated the efficiency of this tool.
  3. Serpstat team created useful plugins for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox to get Serpstat data even more fast and easy.
  4. They developed many tools which work on Serpstat API and which can be easily implemented in the work of both independent specialists and SEO teams. At the same time, Serpstat configured a cowork of API and Google Spreadsheet so that each user can use the functionality of the service bypassing the interface.
  5. Serpstat team started working on the creation of their own new index of backlinks on the basis of Serpstat. It’ll be launched soon.

Here, I told briefly about the main changes in the service, but these updates have influenced all the modules and it is already clear that 2019 was the year of birth of Serpstat 3.0.

#2 Reason — Support and customer service

Serpstat is a complex SEO platform the rapid growth of which complicates self-study of even advanced professionals. To learn users all the innovations and use the service to the maximum, the sales and customer support department constantly provides them with expert information, helps to solve complex cases and conduct personal demonstrations of the service.

Serpstat support team has grown greatly over the last year. It is very important for Serpstat to promptly provide professional advice on all issues that may occur with users.

Here are the key indicators that demonstrate the level of Serpstat support team performance:

  • average number of appeals per month — 1,5K
  • number of messages in these appeals — 8K
  • user satisfaction percentage — 98%
  • average speed of the first answer — 87 seconds

It was this personal approach that led to the rejection of Plan A. The tariff was simply unprofitable for business.

The most important thing! Serpstat does not raise prices!

Serpstat changes only the number of limits for some modules. They also stop selling Plans: Plan A, Plan G, Plan H, Plan F, reducing the number of Plans to four of the most demanded ones.

From June 10, 2019, B, C, D, E Plans will be called Lite, Standard, Advanced, and Enterprise. Serpstat team  also introduces the following system:

How to fix current limits after June 10?

And now, the most important thing is that until June 10, it’s possible to purchase a subscription to any existing Plan for a long period with the current number of limits. All changes will affect only new payments after June 10. That is, if you buy now any Plan for 1-2-3 years, it’ll be an investment in Serpstat unchanging just for you.

You can buy every long-term subscription starting with Plan B on a standard discount system:

  • 3 months — 5% discount
  • 6 months — 10% discount
  • 12 months — 20% discount

If you can’t or don’t want to make a one-time payment for a long-term subscription, you can subscribe to a recurrent (automatic debit). In this case, Serpstat will automatically debit funds from the card every month on the day the Plan is extended. As long as the recurrent is valid, made until June 10, you can use the current limits and Plans (including Plan A for $19). If you turn off the recurrent, it will no longer be possible to return the current limits.

If you have a doubt about the optimal Plan, need some consultation, customization or personal demonstration of any Plan, request a demo of all the possibilities of Serpstat.Do you know that you can buy/sell websites, web-based businesses or domain names on Worth Of Web Academy?

Thanks for reading!

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