Guidance To Apply Student Loan in Rwanda

The Bank provides loans for higher education at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, and beneficiaries must be studying either in Rwanda or Abroad. A student is required to apply to the Ministry of Education through its agency in charge of higher education student loans and bursaries.


The Process for applying a Student loan Scheme is as follows

Step l: Pick the application form.

Under the new arrangement with the student Loan Concerned Bank in Rwanda , a student will be required to write an application requesting for a Study loan through higher institution of learning. Any student who is planning to apply for student loan in addition to a written application should fill an application form giving a brief description about themselves, mentioning the course/degree they are seeking, and the school they plan to attend and all other financial aid they need.

Step 2 : Find the Guarantors to Endorsement and sign on the Application form:

After completing the process of filling the application form, to find a guarantor and sign a contract with the bank for tuition, living allowances, research, and travel allowances for those studying abroad, at an interest rate of 11 per is required that the form be endorsed by the guarantor (sign and thumbprint)The person guaranting the applicant must be know to each for at least 3 years.

Step 3: Attach all the supporting documents: Applicant applying for this scheme for the first time should attach their 2 passport photos including the Banks that hold their savings accounts, or they can visit banks and credit unions in the community and ask about student loan products for school in order to open up the account with the bank.

Step 4: The next step is to visit the college/university in mind for a recommendation letter and endorsement on the Application form:

The authenticated authorities as indicated on the guidelines and application form should sign and Stamp on the completed application form including the both names of the person signing on behalf of the institution.The institute should issue out a recommendation letter to the applicant indicating the following charges to be considered as fees.i) Fee payable to college#/ school/ hostel.*(ii) Examination/ Library/ Laboratory fee.(iii) Insurance premium for student borrower, if applicable.(iv) Caution deposit, Building fund/refundable deposit supported by Institution bills/receipts. **(v) Purchase of books/ equipments/ instruments/ uniforms.***(vi) Purchase of computer at reasonable cost, if required for completion of the course.***(vii) Any other expense required to complete the course – like study tours, project work, thesis, etc.***

Step 5 : Visit the Bank Concern to open up a Bank Account.

All student under this scheme are encouraged to open up an active bank account especially with the Bank concern with the Student Loan and must indicate the Bank Account Number on their Application Form.

Step 6 : submit the Application form for Approval.

After all the above steps, submit the application form with all the requirement as indicated on the application guidelines to Rwanda Examination Board for further processing.Note

All Functions of Student Financing Agency for Rwanda(SFAR) was taken over by Rwanda Education Board

Office Locations & Contacts

Mineduc Officials contact informationMinister of Education

Prof. Silas Rwakabamba

Twitter: @SilasLwakabamba

General Contact informationMinistry of Education

Po Box: 622 Kigali


Twitter: @mineduc1

Web: Financing Agency for Rwanda

Near Kigali Institute of Education, Kimironko

Telephone: +250 252 580 293.

Telephone: +250 252 580 293.Ads by Google


i)All Rwanda students who are offered admission to pursue Higher Education:ii)Applicants must be a Rwandan students seeking financial aid.iii)Where the student has obtained admission in eligible course through merit based selection process, he/she could be considered meritorious.


valid for 2-4 years

Processing Time

Processing takes 60 working days


i)The scheme has a fund of Rwf29 billion ($40 million) for students in local universities and Rwf11 billion ($15 million) for students studying abroad.ii)Beneficiaries will be expected to repay the loan within 15 years upon employment.

Required Information

In general, students who hope to obtain a Rwanda Student loan should produce the following:i) Proof of Birth (Birth Certificate)ii)proof of Citizen ship (National Identity Card)iii)Proof of financially constrained students. (Needy student)iv)Bank details for the Applicant and institution,v)secured admission to a higher education Detailsvii)A Students Loan Guarantor information.viii)valid social NumberAds by Google

Need for the Document

High Education Student Loans Department (HESLD) has the responsibility of expansion and modernization of the Rwandan Higher Education system and at the same time maintaining at long time a financially sustainable Higher Education system, the Government introduced a Student Loan Scheme for Higher Education which among other things requires the participation of individual students or parents in meeting part of the cost of their education. While the steps a student might need to take in order to apply for student loans in Rwanda are relatively straightforward, the process for Student loans might be a little more variable. A fundamental aspect of student loan scheme that the Government of Rwanda is considering seriously is to have the loans based on real need.

In Rwanda , the loan scheme is open to all students. However, the burden of repayment varied with the field of study.

Information which might help

REBs main responsibilities vis–vis students loans

The main responsibilities provide loans to Rwandan students to enable them to pay for themselves for studies in higher education; recover funds disbursed as student loans to Rwandan students in higher education; recover funds which were disbursed by the Ministry in charge of higher education as student loans to Rwandan students who studied in higher institutions of learning in consideration of the agreements that were existing at the time of acquisition of the loans; manage a bursary meant for students in higher institutions of learning; coordinate the activities relating to gathering aid from various public or private organs,foreign countries and international organizations involved with increasing national capacity in awarding student loans and bursaries in higher institutions of learning; give advice on matters related to policies of awarding student loans and bursaries to /Rwandan students in higher institutions of learning; establish relations and collaborate with other regional and /international agencies of the same responsibilities.

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