This is a list of counties leading in teen pregnancy in Kenya as of 2018. Teenage pregnancy is generally a global challenge because it is the major contributor to school drop-out among girls. In the recent past, permanent expulsion was being used to help curb teenage pregnancy, but with time this proved ineffective and also absolutely unfair to the girls. The start of National examinations recently showed the nation that very many students were sitting for their exams while pregnant or others as young mothers doing exams from hospitals.

A total number of 13,624 pregnancies were reported in Kilifi County this year alone among school children aged 15 to 19, the highest so far in any county. Kitui reported more than 110 teen pregnancy cases during KCSE exams. Teen pregnancies are usually caused tumbling family values, neglect and irresponsibility from parents, peer pressure, rape, cultural practices, broken families, poverty, lack of sexual awareness, abuse of alcohol and drugs to name just but a few.

Here is a list of counties leading in teen pregnancies in Kenya.

​​ CountyTeen Pregnancy %
5West Pokot29%
6Tana River28%