Full Guide on How to Inquire about Qatar Visa Online

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A visa is conditional authorization document granted by a country to a particular person, allowing them to enter in their country for fix time or to leave that country. Now You are planning to visit Qatar for work and visit purpose, and you got you visa from any office or agents.

It is very important to check your visa is original or not. Nowadays a lot of fraud cases are coming, people are getting the fake visa. Coming in trap very easily, here we are giving you guide to inquiry you Qatar visa, is it original or fake.

Qatar visa checking

Step 1- Open an English version of the official site of MOI that is MINISTRY OF INTERIOR FOR QATAR VISA STATUS. For authentic details go this site.

Step 2- On the site, you will see in ‘Inquires’ option at your right side of the page. Click on that link.


Step 3- On the next page of ‘Inquires’ you will get many options as follows- 

  • Visa approval and tracking.
  • Visa Enquiry and printing.
  • RP application tracking and printing.
  • Officials Documents.
  • Traffic violations.
  • Traffic report.
  • Exit permit application form.
  • Exit permit inquiry.
  • Metrash for individuals.
  • Metrash for companies/establishments.
  • Enquiry on company’s ID particulars.
  • Airport entry permit application form.

As we are talking about Qatar visa status so all you have to do is to click on the second option ‘Visa Enquiry and Printing’.


Step 4- At the page ‘Visa Enquiry and Printing’ you will three blank blocks. 

  • The first block will be ‘Visa Number’ in which you have to fill your visa number.
  • The second block will be ‘Passport Number’ in which you have to fill your passport number.
  • The third block will be of ‘Nationality’. Select your nationality. There is also an option of reset if have entered wrong details. After all this click on to ‘Submit’.

Step 5- After submitting the details will be opened by the visa no. The page will contain your complete details as follows-

  • Visa number,
  • Name- It will be written in Arabic as well as in English also,
  • Nationality,
  • Passport Number,
  • Description of Visa Owner,
  • Gender,
  • Visa type- for work or visit,
  • Travel Index,
  • Stay Duration- like 1 year or 3 years
  • Date of issue,
  • Visa Validity,
  • Visa Status- Valid to use

For Qatar visa status you have to check the options-Date of issue, visa validity and visa status carefully. If the visa status says Valid to use that means you have a valid visa till the date of visa validity.

Step 6- After checking there is an option available of ‘Print Visa’ at your right side of the page. Click on that and get a hard copy of that.


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