FRUSTRATIONS In STATEHOUSE as TIRED Mt Kenya Electorate FAIL to Register with IEBC as VOTERS and DP Ruto CHASED by Angry Locals in ISEBANIA

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By Kamasasa E

With all the hype, pride and arrogance displayed by Jubilee top leadership, nothing is moving in their backyards. Uhuru had to skip another rally in his Kikuyu backyard yesterday after getting intel that heckling was awaiting him. By the way, the heckling was to be done in Kiuk dialect. While DP was in Narok, he was heckled, booed, jeered and lectured. In Isebania, the same DP was chased away with locals singing Raila.

This morning Uhuru had to swallow his pride. He had to swallow his arrogance. He had to swallow his big man syndrome. He walked down Kameme FM studios to address the Kikuyus to register as voters. The man is pleading with his tribal Base. As day 5 of voter registration enters, the entire central has not recorded more than 20k votes. A very worrying trend in the state house. A panicking signal at the top of Jubilee. Vote apathy is real in central.

Uhuruto have wasted 4yrs insulting, ridiculing and black mailing opposition. The time they were to utilise in fulfilling their promises to their tribal bases. Time for reality check is now.

May God help Kenya!

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