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FOUR QUICK Points to Check with ‘Diaperman’ Ababu Namwamba on ODM Party

Hon Ababu Namwamba good morning.
I have got a word with you. I couldn’t pass it over yesterday as I was overwhelmed with my birthday parties.

Now, I understand you are being frustrated in ODM. You are a bitter man that in your docket as SG you lost most sweeping mandates. Again something you are bitter about is that Orengo has oftenly been giving positions of the party in pressers. Well, you have genuine observations that need to be checked into with a keen eye. I support you on this. However, I have some reservations too:

1. In Kenya, political parties are built on personalities. Though we want to be told how they are public entities but otherwise fact remains they are private business firms. ODM is Raila and Raila is ODM. It’s personality of Raila that we follow in the blanket called ODM. Each and every aspect in ODM revolves around this great Kenyan, Raila.

So trying to claim that you were initiating reforms in Raila (read ODM) is missing the point. It’s like my newly married second wife coming on board and wants to re-arrange the whole of my life, wife and children. As a strong Luhya man believer, it can’t happen. It’s either the new wife ships up or ships out. She can go and initiate changes in her own private compound (new political party).

2. When you try to allege that you are being hounded in ODM same way Musalia left is a lie to the public information. Brother here you are trying to urinate on history. Musalia has been on record more than 4 times confiding to Kenyans that he was duped by PNU leaders, led by Uhuru. Musalia was porched, used and dumped at an appropriate time. No body kicked Musalia out of ODM. That’s why till today, Musalia and Raila are close confidants.

3. In the presser, you were only accompanied by one elected MP from Busia county, Hon Otwoma. Busia county has 10 elected leaders. Both Senator, Governor and Women Rep are ODM. How come you never bothered to invite them to share your predicaments through the media? Or if you did, why did they avoid issuing out the statement in your company? Can they be all wrong and you are right? Think of it my able senior brother. To me, you would have first taken time to build consensus among all elected leaders in Busia county. This is your home tough. This is your ground. If not even elected but majority. If they would have snubbed you, then you would have convinced elected MCAS and ODM elected leaders in Busia county to help you issue a warning. This would have sent shivers down political heavy weights spine. Otherwise, what you did is a mockery to your own political life.

I am sorry to tell you this, you are being escorted to a political grave. Stop a bit the marathon and see who is behind your heels. Is it worthy the race?

4. Finally, of late you have opened 2 war fronts. One is kicking out Gov Ojaamong from power. Second is the onslaught on ODM. I am a bit convinced, you may win one and fail one. Or you may after all fail in all or through miracles which are rare nowdays you win both wars. Kindly, as my senior choose one war and kick it to the bitter end. Opening many battle fronts is a confirmation of defeat.

Hon Otwoma only showed up on the presser simply because he is vying for Governor seat Busia county and is desperately in need of your support. There is nothing more Hon Otwoma needs from you my brother. As we speak, he serving his last term as Funyula MP and he is seeking a soft landing as my Busia county Governor.

Yours truly,
Chairperson of Indenga cattle deep, Elugulu Ward, Butula constituency, Busia county!

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