First Ghana Made Aircraft Takes To The Skies for the first time

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Somewhere in Ghana, a dynamic duo is on a mission to touch the sky, and quite literally too. In a manner reminiscent of Wilbur and Orville Wright – the brothers whose relentless tinkering and innovative endeavour opened up the world to aviation as we know it – these Ghanaian brothers are looking to go airborne and cruise the sky in an aircraft that doesn’t have the trademark of Boeing, Airbus, or Embraer engraved somewhere in the fuselage.

Their names are Isaac Otoo and Jacob Larbi and they are on a mission to take to the skies in an aircraft put together with their own hands in their own backyard. With little more than a rudimentary knowledge of the subject and materials that have been left for trash, the duo may just have a good shot.

Otoo and Larbi grew up as brothers who liked to fiddle with stuff, especially those kinds of stuff most people would say they had no business even thinking about. As kids, they would spend a lot of time in garages and scrapyards poking around with curiosity, looking out for “cool stuff.”

When they turned out a grotesque, crude, haphazard attachment of parts which was supposed to be a motor vehicle as their first creation right about when they turned eight, very few persons thought of it as more than just a phase that will undoubtedly pass once the realities of life sets in.

Well, the realities of life did set in, and it appears the boys who many thought were just ‘playing inventors’ because they probably had too much time on their hands, may actually be on the cusp of something huge this time.

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