Fired Kameme FM Presenter’s Passionate Plea to Uhuru

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A Kameme FM presenter who was among 160 staff fired in Medimax Network Limited’s mass lay off on Sunday, November 3, penned his heart out to President Uhuru Kenyatta.

In a lengthy Facebook post, Moses Kanyira wrote an open letter to Uhuru in which he hypothesised what cost him a job he had done for a record 17 years.

Kanyira claimed that he was fired for writing negative reports about Uhuru’s and opposition leader Raila Odinga’s Building Bridges Initiative(BBI).

Fired Kameme FM presenter Moses Kanyira in studio. He was fired from the station on Wednesday, October 30.

The devastated journalist, however, pleaded with Uhuru claiming that the allegations were false and that he was loyal to him.

“I was subjected to ridicule by one influential person who maliciously claimed that I was writing negative stories concerning BBI and a day later I was sacked,” he disclosed.

“My president, the claim was false and fabricated and only aimed to destroy my reputation and my career,” Kanyira added.

He further sought to know if the ‘orders’ to specifically fire him, as stated by the individual he referenced were from Uhuru.

“My dear president, was it your directive as that person claimed?” Kanyira questioned.

The journalist who claims to have coined one of Jubilee Party’s popular election phrases ‘Kumira Kumira‘ also demonstrated to Uhuru the extent of his loyalty, adding that he was still paying heavily for it.

“Mr. President, as a result, I have passed through a lot of pain in courts concerning the fight to achieve directives, and up to now, one case is still ongoing,” he narrated.

Moses was among the 160 employees fired on October 30 after a closed-door meeting that saw them walk away with generous packages.

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