raila odinga

Gabriel Njonjo Kahato

As a full-blooded, proud and wise son of Gikuyu and Mumbi, born and nurtured suckling the breasts of diverse civilizations and peoples I choose to swim against the lie tide perpetuated by the vultures and hyenas who’ve devoured my people for decades.

To start with, the progenitors saw it wise to invest and entrust the destiny of the nation on the very wise sages and not an entity that would get intoxicated with power.

Presently a self-anointed kingdom is crying atop hillocks and termite mounds asking my people to ‘defend’ it.
What a lie and misuse!

The false alarm goes thus, ‘RAILA IS DANGEROUS, HE’LL REVENGE ON US’.

Now who is us? At what point did we lose our oneness and equality before Ngai and become slaves of mere mortals? This lie is from people who stole and raped their own and out of fear of the impending, they cringe behind tribe for support.

Who owns the looted lands, industries, airlines, mines, billions and tenders? Who needs to fear Raila if he goes ahead and implements the findings of Commissions gathering dust in shelves?

Fear must run deep and supreme when Raila is mentioned since he’s the nemesis of neo-colonialists and human-wolves who’ve thrived in sucking, gobbling and stuffing.

Why should I fear Raila?
I have no looted cash in Virgin Islands, no grabbed lands surrounded by squatters, no airline, no tender, no stolen victories, no coronation.

I am a lowly jigger-infested, hungry, thirsty, perpetually broke, but honest Kikuyu. I eat my sweat, pay my taxes and hope for a brighter tomorrow.

When the emperor sounds the war gong, it’s not for my safety, but his.

The God of small people has told me not to buy this lie.
# SautiYaWanjiku