Date of By- Election 07.11.2019

Registered Voters 118,658. Wards. 5.CAWs.
Laini Saba. 17,455.
Lindi. 16,688.
Makina. 25,695.
Woodley/Kenyatta Golf Course. 28,066.

Sarang’ombe. 30,754.
Candidates. 24
Female. 3.
No.of Polling Stations 183.

No.of Presiding Officers. 183.

No. of Deputy Presiding Officers.183

No. of Polling/Counting Clerks 625.

Tallying Centre, NCC Hall(Dagoreti Corner)
Relocated Polling Centres,
1.Raila Educational Centre(5PS) moved to Old Kibera Pri. Sch.
2.Upper Hill High Sch.(3PS) moved to Kilimanjaro Avenue Off Mara Road. 3.Mbagathi Road Primary Sch.(7PS) moved to Kenyatta Market Parking Lot. 4.Shadrack Kimalel Pri. Sch(12PS)Moved to Golf Course Estate Playing Ground

5.Olympic Pri. Sch.(12PS) moved to Ayani Pri.Sch
6.Olympic Secondary Sch(9PS) moved to Ayani Pri. Sch.
Nb. 1 Party Agent Per Polling Station. Opening Polling Station 0600Hrs. Closing Polling Station 1700Hrs.