Facebook suspends app pre-installs on new Huawei phones as US trade blacklist effects begin to ripple

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Just when we thought things were easing up regarding Huawei Technologies’ battle with the USA, Facebook is now not allowing any of its apps to be pre-installed on Huawei phones. According to Facebook, current users of its apps who have Huawei phones will continue to use them and receive updates, however, new Huawei phones will not come with WhatsApp, Facebook, or Instagram pre-installed.

Facebook’s stance on Huawei is similar to that of Google which was one of the first companies to announce that it is cutting business ties with Huawei and pulling its Android license from the Chinese mobile phone manufacturer.

According to a Facebook spokesperson who spoke to Reuters, the ban applies to any new Huawei mobile phone that has not left the factory and not necessarily only future models of Huawei phones.The big catch however is that theoretically future Huawei phone users could theoretically still be able to install Facebook’s apps but because Google has also banned future Huawei phones from having access to its Google Play Store, this is unlikely to happen.

Huawei blacklisted
Facebook joins a growing list of American companies that have decided to honor the executive order signed by Donald Trump in May 2019 blacklisting Huawei. Already several processor makers, Microsoft and even Vodafone in the UK have cut ties or temporarily suspended doing business with Huawei.

What has been curious is the quick change of mind, sort of, that both the Wi-Fi Alliance and SD Association have had after initially removing Huawei from their list of members and within a week the Chinese company reappeared as a member. Both standards bodies have since said that Huawei’s membership has only been amended to reflect that they are honoring the executive order by Trump.

The decision by both the Wi-Fi Alliance and SD Association makes sense if you look at Huawei’s contributions to both standards bodies and the patents it holds. Banning Huawei completely from being a member would likely hamper both organizations more than it would Huawei.

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