Facebook Live: How to Broadcast from your Computer

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How to Set Up Your Logitech Webcam for Use on Facebook

In addition to posting a short message on your friend’s “Wall” or updating your status, you can post a personal webcam video on Facebook. The popular social networking site includes a built-in video tool that allows you to record a webcam video and post it online. You can also use the feature to create and send a video message to anyone on your “friends” list. Facebook makes it easy for you to create and post a personal video and will automatically recognize your webcam and microphone.

Windows Live Messenger

Step 1

Download and install Windows Live Messenger.

Step 2

Click the menu icon in the upper right corner of the program window.

Step 3

Click “Tools” then “Audio and video setup.”

Confirm the audio settings and click the “Next” button to continue to display your webcam. If you have multiple video devices available, select your webcam from the pull-down menu directly above the video monitor window. Use Windows Live Messenger to place video calls with your webcam to other Windows Live Messenger contacts.

Windows Media Encoder

Step 1

Download and install Windows Media Encoder.

Step 2

Select “Capture audio or video” from the “New Session” window to record webcam video to your hard drive. Click the “OK” button to continue.

Step 3

Select your webcam from the “Device Options” pull-down menu for video and audio. Choose the webcam as the video device and click the “Next” button.

Step 4

Click the “Browse” button to choose the folder where you want the recorded video saved.

Step 5

Click on “File Archive” from the “Content Distribution” window and click the “Next” button.

Step 6

Accept the default settings in the following wizard windows by clicking the “Next” button until you come to the Settings Review window. Click the “Finish” button.

Start recording video with your webcam by clicking the green “Start Encoding” button.


Step 1

Download and install Skype to call other Skype users with your webcam. Skype will automatically detect and set up your webcam.

Step 2

Add contacts by clicking “Contacts” and “New Contact” from the main menu. Enter their Skype name, full name or email address to add them to your contact list.

Place a video call by clicking on the contact name and then clicking the green “Video Call” button.


  • Windows Media Encoder can also be used to stream live video from your webcam to the Internet using an Internet Service Provider running Windows Media Server.

Items you will need

  • Webcam
  • Microsoft Windows XP or later versions.

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