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Prisca Jemetai aka Mama Abby speaks out:

“Facts are stubborn, depute president supported me all through my pregnancy till i gave birth 2006.

1. All this time depute president everything he did to me was in cash no to time depute president deposited any coin in my account and for sure hajui my account.

2. He has seen my kid grow till 2011 when he started ignoring my calls or SMS reason I asked him about particular journalist, this was the first time he started sending me money via mpesa till around November then he stopped till today.

3. Deputy president says he gives me 40,000 upkeep fee, I want him to be sincere to God , which is this account does he dipost? I own bank account with coop bank my highest credit so far ni 26,000 being salary from my employer. My account is open to scrutiny I have nothing to hide, my mpesa too is open to scrutiny, deputy president changed his numbers 2013 when he became the deputy president we don’t communicate nor do I have a way to reach him.

4. He says he gave me a 90,000 job, sincerely has my account ever seen 90,000? I work somewhere I earn 35,000 taxed I get 29,000 so which is this 90,000 job I work while I am struggling? I stay one bedroom house ya 9500 congested I should have moved to bigger house with 90,000k.

5. He says my daughter goes to a boarding school, I sincerely ask which is this school? How much is the school fee? What are the school account numbers? Has he ever paid? If he has via which means? Does he know my phone numbers?

I don’t request anything all I want is him to take care of his daughter, when I came to his life he was separated I never at no time went to wreck his family. I stayed always in his eldoret home whenever he visited, my child sio wa lodging”

Prisca Jemutai Bett.


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