EXPOSED: Senator Wetangula and CS Wamalwa UNDER FIRE for Playing Jua Kalulu politics on Jubilee and NASA

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By K Ephrahim
During the formation of Jubilee, Hon Eugene Wamalwa had hesitated to join it. Jubilee then opened talks with Wetangula. When Eugene heard the news of possibility of Wetangula joining Jubilee, he quickly Marshalled a press conference where he folded his NFK and joined Jubilee in a haste. Its when he landed in Jubilee that he realised a mistake of hurry. He joined without structured talks and credible agreement. He found out that his party has nothing in Jubilee arrangement. He threw some tantrums for some weeks but ended shipping up and muting the beak.

On Wednesday last week, Wetangula joined NASA unity meeting at Bomas. But he wasn’t comfortable seeing Musalia on the top of the game. The following day, Wetangula issued a statement denouncing the NASA unity. On Friday, Eugene called on Musalia, Kalonzo and Raila. He wants to abandon Jubilee and join NASA. When the news reached Wetangula of Eugene’s overtures, this very Bungoma Senator called a presser to denounce his own statement he had issued earlier where he denounced NASA. In the presser now, Wetangula said, he welcomes NASA and he is in NASA to stay!

My seniors senator Wetangula and CS Eugene, this is a bad game. Your value has depreciated a big deal. You need to maintain some pride. The Luhyaism in you must be upheld. This kalulu-juha kind of politics is what makes us a community be looked down upon by other leaders.

Weta and Eugene, you are disappointing. Shape up and define your PRICE!

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