Issuing assassination threats is a bargain tactic employed by coward regimes. Kuria’s allegations were part of a broader state operation, aimed at scaring Raila into cutting a deal.

Arresting people for discussing assassination threats, and trumping it as hate speech is classic bargain tactic of a desperate government intent on misusing instruments of the state to cling onto power.

Jubilee has lost the people’s consent to govern. It’s bargain tactics are a sign of distress and clear indication that the highest echelons of the Jubilee Politburo are having sleepless nights.

Several ODM legislators are facing trumped up charges and have been detained till Friday. The MPs were charged alongside Moses Kuria and other undesirable Jubilee legislators, a move that was meant to cleanse Kuria image and show he is practicing what other politicians practice.

By putting Kuria in the same dock with ODM MPs someone is hopping to defuse the gravity of Kuria’s serious criminal threats and hateful incitement against the life and community of Rt. Hon. Raila Odinga.

Earlier police had been to the to courts to swear affidavits and to ask judge’s orders to detain the opposition legislators in custody for a week ostensibly as the investigation on hate speech goes on.

Turns out police were taking orders from ‘above’…from a certain top official with temporary powers, an axe to grind and a lot of vendetta on opposition legislators