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I’ve come to expose n alert you about this woman Cecilia Wacera Mburu. The story I’m about to give has really saddened me. Seeing the levels we are now stooping to in the name of making easy cash while preying on others.

This sorry excuse of a woman in collaboration with her evil mother, drew up and pulled off a really clever and audacious plan to turn a profit. She met our church’s Sunday school teacher in church. This dude has worked in the church all his life. He studied Theology in campus and had high aspirations of becoming a reverend one day, his dreams now all up in flames due to his now impending divorce.

They got together and she pretended to be in love with him and they prepared for a wedding. A dowry ceremony was held at her village in Muranga and a hefty bride price paid to the evil mother. On August 17th2019, a grand wedding was held at PCEA Thika town. 2 months down the line, the woman who I’ve now discovered to be one of the prostitutes who peddle their flesh in Thika could not sustain the lie of living a life that isn’t hers. On the evening of 18th October 2019 exactly two months after the wedding, the guy came home to find an empty house. Everything they had gotten as wedding gifts as well as other household items stolen including their marital bed by this conniving bitch. She just left his clothes. She said she wanted a divorce claiming she is not happy as she has been used to “machines” out there.

Now my question is, if she was used to these machines or mjulus that used to rock her world, why did she go in the house of the Lord and agree to get married? Why did she go through all this fuss knowing too well she wasn’t going to stay in that marriage? The simple answer is not the big energetic kunis she claims to always crave for, the answer is money. It was all staged by her and her family who know her well. She made a huge profit from the dowry ceremony as well as minting more cash from friends and well wishers in the name of wedding committees, pre wedding as well as wedding gifts and envelopes.

Her day job is a kibanda that she operates at Thika town bus stage which is now being upgraded to a kiosk from the profits she gained from the wedding. You will find her around Klub Image during the weekends selling her body for a few hundred shillings then on Sunday, she will be in church even leading praise and worship at times at PCEA Thika.

I have nothing against being a prostitute if that’s what brings food to your table, by all means, do your thing. My main problem is mocking the house of God to prove a point to the society that even a prostitute can get married in church.

I now hear she is involved with another guy in Thika town who may or may not know her dirty tricks but I hope this post reaches him. She may be after your brother, dad or even your granddad so be warned. This is a cruel world we live in but all in all what goes around comes around and one day down the line, your sins always catch up to you.

I don’t care if this post goes south butI’ll share her nos. 0714 090590 and 0771 338109 coz she says in case one has a question aulize atakujibu… Juu anasema God has really blessed her with brains n no one will take away her blessings… Nimeshaawachanua.

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