Dear Sande Kennedy

My mum bought a Samsung A50 from Tuskys Kilifi. Sometime in September she noticed the phone making a shaking sound from within, and the screen would freeze with the background light on. It would freeze like this for hours, the screen light flickering but never going off. She couldn’t switch it off: the phone would go off when the charge ran out. She took it back to Tuskys and the Tuscom guy told her to do a software update. She did it and nothing changed, so she took it back¬†and the guy did a complete reset of the phone. She went back home with it and nothing changed, so she took it back to Tuskys and they stayed with it for two weeks. She had no device and I told her she should demand a kabambe or something in the meantime for the inconvenience. They brought it back to her, same issues, and she took it back. This time round she told them that she wants a new phone, hii imemsumbua sana. She even said she’ll pay the balance and buy a Samsung A70 from them. You would think this is sensible but no. They start saying it doesn’t work that way, that they’ll change the motherboard and give the phone back to her, ooh idk what. At this point she’s dealing with Fone Express, owners of these phone outlets in supermarkets. They insist that she cannot change the phone or upgrade it, that she has to take the same one. Ati they’ll change the serial number and motherboard ikuwe kama mpya. The refurbished phone itatoka Nairobi. She says haezi chukua A50 from Nairobi because hiyo imechokorwa sana and she’ll never trust it. She says she either takes the A50 she can see through the glass display at Tuscom Kilifi, ama wakubali aongeze pesa achukue A70 yenye pia anaona hapo. They insist it doesn’t work that way, sijui talk to Samsung Kenya as if she bought from them. Which avenues does she have because hata mimi siezi chukua simu imenisumbua hivyo. And why can’t they let her upgrade the phone? It’s standard practice in many developed countries so what in the 3rd world is this? Since they have already tampered with the other phone but wanasema they can change it up ikae kama mpya, si watengeze wauzie mtu hajui? Yani in this economy uchange pesa ununue simu ya 30k halafu usiitumie even for a month?!

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