Exposed : Beware Kenyans stay away from Kenyan Alliance Insurance Company

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When purchasing insurance especially comprehensive for a high-end car, stay away from Kenyan Alliance Insurance Company They are a ripoff and will do anything to avoid honoring a claim. They have really screwed us, my friend got into an accident because of heavy rains about 3 weeks ago. When reported the matter to the company, they ordered that we pay for towing to the accessor, they kept the car for now close to 3 weeks, constantly lying that they were looking for spare parts, only to come back yesterday and say they will not be fixing it.

  • Be careful in this heavy rain season and if you have them as your insurer best to switch immediately
  • Learn about the numerous pending cases for dishonoring claims
  • Do not trust what they tell you, If you are already in a claim process with them and its taken more than a week, you are about to be screwed.
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