Via Gordon KaLorna Teti


Today at Kibra Laini Saba Ward, My brother Brian Keverenge Ung’iya and I witnessed a Lady( Lavender Atieno) who came to register for the first time after acquring her I.D in 2014 and who has never visited any IEBC Centre Except Today, being told that her I.D Has already been registered but the system cannot show where or when she was registered nor her Name!

We got curious and asked the IEBC Clerk (A Lady Sources say from ‘Uthamaki Kingdom’) to explain that mysterious concept,non-Scientific and nonsensible theory and why she was directing the Lady at Huduma Centre knowing very well the chances of her visiting the Huduma Centre or Registration Centre again are 0.00%. She said that was the directive they were given! I decided to engage the victimized Lady and with her permission took her details for further investigation and inquiry in the IEBC offices and residents with the same case!

I came to establish there is a Jubilee project launched on CORD strongholds that has been going on for quite sometime. One of the clerks (Anonymous descendant from Uthamaki Kingdom) expounded to me how after selection by IEBC some clerks from a certain tribe underwent another special training and were purposely deployed in CORD regions to implement what they learnt in this ‘Special training’ Not registering the considered Opposition supporters by telling them they are already registered, especially the illiterate, the aged, ‘House helps’ and ignorant mothers and fathers who dont even stare at BVR Screens to check their names! By telling them so this group go home thinking they are registered yet they are Not! And since there are No opposition ‘vigilantes’ in most of this centres to deter such barbaric and undemocratic acts the group has fully taken advantage and continues to propagate this!

Lavender might have been a victim of this and luckily we were around and personally i am determined to secure justice for her and see she is registered!

Our CORD Ground Agents #Must Get vigilant!

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