Here are the Eleven things that are turning out to be big headache for president Uhuru, causing fear that they may trigger the Jubilee backyard of Central Kenya and Kalenjinland to go rogue and vote out Jubilee in August 8 polls. Uhuru regime is like a curse to Kenyans, from the terror attacks, loss of more than 180 KDF soldiers in Somali, economic meltdown causing suffering to many Kenyans etc ….

  • 1. Doctors, medical officers and nurses are on strike Countrywide.
  • 2. Public University Lecturers and Tutors are on strike Countrywide.
  • 3. Several companies are closing shop and or retrenching countrywide.
  • 4. Famine has hit us hard and women and children are boiling and eating wild fruits especially in the Rift Valley, Eastern, North Eastern and Coast Regions
  • 5. Prices of basic commodities and basic goods have hit the roof.
  • 6. No money in the pockets of the middle class and ordinary people.
  • 7.Massive looting by government officials, parastatal fat cats and their relatives and close friends.
  • 8. Government critics and whistblowers are being blackmailed, intimidated, fired or silenced permanently.
  • 9. Most parents can’t afford to take their children to school or college.
  • 10. UhuruRuto didn’t supply the children with Laptops.
  • 11. The promised electric speed train never materialized but a Chinese diesel train that crowls at 80km per hour was supplied.
  • 12. You can’t afford to take car of your wife as well as Mpango wa Kando due to financial constraints.Then a big miracle happens…………………

    Ipsos/Synovate finds Uhuru the most popular Presidential Candidate of all times and Raila the most trusted Presidential Candidate ever. Are we that stupid and gullible really?