Drag And Drop WordPress Themes For Beginners

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WordPress is a user friendly platform, especially for a beginner. There are themes that one can easily manage and customize without the need of learning the technical side of website theme building. Whether you are a pro or just beginning to learn how to create your own website or a blog, using the WordPress platform is the perfect choice to learn, develop and manage your creativity in website building. One of the enticing features of various WordPress themes is the drag and drop feature. It is user friendly because one simply drags a layout of his choice and drop it on a particular space provided on the web page. So whether you are a beginner in using WordPress, you will not have a hard time using its themes with the drag and drop feature. Here are some of the best drag and drop WordPress themes that makes creating and designing a website simple, seamless and convenient.


WP Multipurpose (online demo)

Whether you want to build your own personal website, professional blog site, or business website, you do not have to sweat it out when designing your own site using the drag and drop feature of WP Multipurpose. This theme comes with a responsible layout and many pre-set media that make professional website designing easy and a breeze.

Landing (online demo)

This WordPress theme builder comes with a drag and drop feature to create beautiful web pages. You can create unique and distinct header designs by choosing various header design options. There are 23 layouts to choose from, giving you more choices of layout design to create and build. All you need is to import the selected layout and then you can edit the texts or images to create your own design.


Headway (online demo)

This theme brags about giving its users the ability to create their own layout design quick and easy. No codes are needed with its drag and drop feature. The user can build their layout design from scratch instead of beginning their creativity with the pre-designed template available in other WordPress themes. Its drag and drop feature allows you to copy and paste one element to create another.

Event (online demo)

This is a fluid and responsive WordPress theme that comes with customizable layout. It is more specifically ideal for websites whose niche are music, events and entertainment. There are an unlimited number of layouts that one can easily drag and then drop. There are modular elements that you can drag and drop to a specified area of your choice on the web page.


Pagelines (online demo)

This theme for WordPress makes building a website design easier without the need for coding. It has a sleek layout that has a drag and drop feature and editable elements to customize your website design according to your preference. Its features are optimized for eCommerce websites and the designs are 100% responsive. Using its drag and drop tools can help you save time and effort from creating your own unique web page designs.

Ultimatum (online demo)

This premium WordPress theme provides a drag and drop widgets that you can use for creating your own website layout. It is a simple layout builder that does not require more effort and time to build your own customized web page and widgets. Premium plugins are also included in its features with a one click update tool.

Elegant (online demo)

Using the theme’s drag and drop tools, one can easily build a unique theme design and layout. You can easily view the areas where you want to place the design of your choice in order to create an elegant and captivating layout for your website.Do you know that you can buy/sell websites, web-based businesses or domain names on Worth Of Web Academy?

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