By According to senator Obure and his band of eschatological characters, “ODM has failed to champion devt agenda for kisii”. This is dishonest, unfortunate, puerile and purely uneducated argument designed for people who studied behind the school.

ODM is in opposition, its work is keeping the govt under CHECKS & BALANCES, and the govt of the day is Jubilee. How Obure has been thinking that CHECKS & BALANCES is another term for DEVT is a sure testament that either education is highly overrated or the toxic mix of stomach infrastructure is festering our already rotting Kenyan polity.

When Raila was PM, he gave Obure a whole ministry of public works—how did Obure use it to better infrastructure in Kisii? Obure should even know that the same Uhuru he is running to is from Gatundu which is equally chocking with underdevt, unemployment, insecurity etc.

This is a policy issue , if Obure could have asked Uhuru to explain to Kenyans how his govt used 9 BILLION to do projects that can’t be seen with the naked eye, projects that require special gift of the holy spirit to be seen/noticed then he would be honest in helping Kenyans become shareholders of our national project.

How Obure plans to use those handouts he received from statehouse yesterday to develop kisii overnight like mushroom beats wisdom. Obure is now becoming an intellectual fraud, a con, and a man whose reasoning best qualifies as reflections of UNSOUND MIND.