*Dead towns in Nyanza*
Need thorough prayers, fasting and cleansing for them to grow despite being located on major highways and densely populated :

Sega in Ugenya (Siaya County)
Sigomre in Ugunja (Siaya County)
Simmero in Ugunja (Siaya County)
Sidindi in Ugunja (Siaya County)
Kodiaga in North Gem (Siaya C)
Yala in Gem (Siaya C)
Holo in Seme (Kisumu C)
Kisian in Kisumu West (Kisumu C)
Usenge in Yimbo , (Siaya C)
Awendo town in Awendo (Migori C)
Ndhiwa town in Ndhiwa (Homa Bay C)
Nyatike centre in Nyatike (Migori C)
Rangwe centre in Rangwe, (Homa Bay C)
Ukwala town in Ugenya, (Siaya c)
Luhano in Ugenya, (Siaya C)
Ng’iya in Gem/Alego, (Siaya C)
Aora Chuodho in Ndhiwa/Awendo, (Migori C)
Sori in Nyatike, (Migori C)
Wath on’ger in Nyatike, ( Migori C)
Rapogi in Awendo,(Migori C.)
Chabera in Kasipul (Homa Bay C)


SIAYA TOWN, Alego Usonga (Siaya County Headquarters)

They’re characterized by old building dated 1930’s and in the last almost half a century, very few new infrastructure development has been seen in these centres.
It’s difficult to point fingers as to why it happened but people say that it could be witchcraft and curses that could have contributed alongside lack of enough education over the years to this dilapidated state.

  • If you visit any of these towns in 2019, go back in 2050, you may find them as you left 31 yrs ago without any alteration.
    Owners die but nothing changes.
    Their educated youths only drink and marry foreigners in Nairobi, Kisumu, Eldoret, Nakuru, Thika and Mumbasa ;sorry, they also take posh photos and post on social media.